The cyberpunk-style Revenant Reborn teaser is surprising Apex Legends fans.



    The cyberpunk-style Revenant Reborn teaser is surprising Apex Legends fans.

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    One of the most exciting parts of being an Apex Legends fan is the easter eggs Respawn adds to the game for players to discover.

    Instead of just releasing a batch of new content without warning, the devs will add subtle hints as well as clear teasers to Outlands to get the community excited.

    Well, Apex Legends Season 18 is no different with weather warnings appearing on the Storm Point map and now, cyberpunk-style easter egg numbers for Revenant.

    Apex Legends players have discovered a new Revenant Easter Egg.

    leading to Apex Legends subreddituser Mr. Perhaps featured a clip of him playing The Revenant when he experienced a strange easter egg.

    Out of the blue at the point of a storm, a sequence of red numbers and letters covered the periphery of their screen. While only lasting three seconds, it has sparked a lot of speculation in the thread, with many players claiming that it reminded them of cyberpunk.

    From the looks of it, this location seems to have triggered a glitch in the Revenant’s system or code, possibly hinting at an upcoming change for the synthetic nightmare.

    What does the Revenant Easter Egg mean in Apex Legends?

    Revenant Apex Legends

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    While the meaning of the easter egg is unknown at this time as the devs have not shed any light on the situation, it is related to the Rev Reborn rumors.

    The Revenant is expected to be getting a reboot in the near future and this easter egg suggests it could come in Season 18.

    The Revenant’s code breakdown in-game indicates that his character as we know him today is about to change, and the process has begun. We’ll have to see if any more Revenant Easter Eggs appear as we get closer to the start of Season 18 in August.



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