Call of Duty has a great Oppenheimer Easter egg.



    Barbiehemier, Oppenie, Barbie, Oppenheimer, the world of cinema is a blur right now with polar opposite genres taking over screens across the world.

    With a focus on micro-relationships in a self-centered universe, and the fate of the world in the midst of World War II, both films have taken Hollywood by storm, conquering marketing and social media as well.

    Although Barbie has been around forever, Oppenheimer’s story is not as well known in modern times. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t strayed into pop culture before, as references to Oppenheimer have been found in a now 13-year-old Black Ops 1 Easter egg.

    Oppenheimer Easter eggs found in Black Ops 1.

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    J. Robert Oppenheimer was a theoretical physicist credited with inventing the atomic bomb, a much scarier subject than the love affair between Barbie and Ken.

    However, they also feature in the Call of Duty series. Easter eggs from 13 years ago are now emerging that show Oppenheimer discussing the Maxus files with Dr. V. Bush in relation to Verruckt’s maps of the Zombies.

    Within Call of Duty lore on Verruckt Asylum, letters are exchanged between Oppenheimer and Bush, in which the former explains that he visited the site and received a letter from “John”, a.k.a. Bananas, with a “charming” limerick depicting his final moments.

    Oppenheimer features in the Black Ops Zombies series

    The “Father of the Atomic Bomb” features a few times in Call of Duty after his initial exchange in Black Ops 1, also mentioned in the maps Der Riese (remastered) and Classified, where his name is used in an Easter egg, as Ultimis Richtofen will have you analyze a chalkboard with Oppenheimer’s study.

    Lore also states that Oppenheimer was part of the Majestic 12 group who studied conspiracies and also studied at Newquaytown and Kino der Totten. His famous quotes, including, “Now I am death, destroyer of worlds,” also appear in The Giant and Transit.

    Of course, Oppenheimer’s work also created direct nukes, so every time you dropped a MOAB or MRG missile in series, the impact would be felt.



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