The console edition of 7 Days to Die will be released in June, with cross-play coming in future updates.


    Console players can rejoice because after such a long wait, TFP has announced that the game will finally be available on console in its current state in summer 2024.

    There are currently no release dates set, but the developers plan to release it just a few weeks after the official release of 7 Days to Die 1.0 for PC. While playing on PC, I know a lot of people who have been waiting for the game to be available on console, so I hope there aren’t any major delays.

    What to expect from the ‘new’ console edition of 7 Days to Die

    7DYD had a previous console Legacy version. However, that version hasn’t been updated in years and TFP instead decided to work on a new one due to hardware differences. While the game will be much better now and updated with the PC version (getting all possible future updates on console), it’s unfortunate that anyone who owns the Legacy version will now have to repurchase 7 Days to Die.

    It looks like there’s a discount in the works, so hopefully that will ease your transition to the new console edition. And if you already have the Legacy version, you can still continue playing, but it will be removed from stores the moment the new version is released.

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    The new console version of 7 Days to Die will be missing some features at launch, which doesn’t really surprise me after looking at the PC version 1.0.

    • Random generation – Navezgane and several pre-generated maps will be available at launch, but you will only be able to randomly generate them in a future patch. This isn’t a huge drawback as the Navezgane map is huge to explore on its own.
    • Level/Prefab Editor and World Editor – These options will not exist at launch and there is no mention of when or if they will be available.
    • Modification – Mods have been improving the 7 Days to Die gameplay experience for years, but the console version will launch without mod support. They’re looking into it, but modding generally isn’t as big of a deal on consoles as it is on PC, so we’ll see if they can figure something out.

    Will 7 Days to Die have crossplay?

    7 Days to Die will not have crossplay at launch 1.0, but will come with a future update. Storms are comingwhich should launch in Q4 2024. So any new console gamers will have to wait a little longer after the official summer launch before they can play with friends on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

    If you want to start playing, check out our 7 Days to Die Beginner’s Guide at Pro Gaming Guides.

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