Dive with your friends in Endless Ocean Luminous, available May 2


    Almost 15 years after Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep arrived on Nintendo Wii, the third installment in the series rises from the depths. Endless Ocean Luminous will launch on May 2, 2024, with many great social features to make your ocean adventure even more amazing.

    Play online with your friends in Endless Ocean Luminous

    One of the most notable features of Endless Ocean Luminous is the social aspect. Many indie exploration games, such as FlOw, Subnautica, and A Highland Song, are solo experiences. Endless Ocean Luminous has a multiplayer option for those who play online, where you can dive in groups with your friends or other online players.

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    This is a truly unique feature for these types of games, and we’re excited to see more aesthetic indie games learned from the team at Arika and Nintendo who made this possible. While cozy solo games are great, they can be limiting because it’s difficult to share the experience with someone in real time. With an online multiplayer option, divers can enjoy the ocean together, and there’s plenty to do!

    Multiplayer mode

    Although the other Endless Ocean games had multiplayer options, the multiplayer in Endless Ocean Luminous will be a little different. When playing online, up to 30 people You will be able to dive together and explore the waters of the game.

    Together with your group, you will be able to swim through the Veiled Sea in an unexplored region of the South Pacific Ocean. Here you can learn about different fish and other forms of marine life, venture across the ocean, and even encounter some mythical creatures that are believed to be long extinct or do not exist at all.

    The game allows you to share codes online so your friends can find the same part of the ocean you are in and join you for a little swim. To communicate in the ocean, you’ll need to use the game’s hand signals, similar to how real divers talk to each other during deep-sea expeditions! It’s an innovative game with a lot of research and thought behind it, perfect for players who want to socialize more without playing first-person shooters.

    How do I find a dive group for Endless Ocean Luminous?

    Screenshot via Nintendo of America

    If you don’t have friends interested in a sea exploration game, you might be able to find an online group to go diving with. Since the game hasn’t been released yet, there aren’t many social media groups floating around out there. Here are the two Facebook groups available for the game:

    There is also a YouTuber who is very excited about the game and has been posting updates about it. Mandy’s Gaming Garden has a community of followers and has created a Discord for those who want to dive together. You can find an invite to her Discord, “The Gaming Garden”, in the description of the Endless Ocean Luminous videos she has uploaded.

    What is the goal of Endless Ocean Luminous?

    You start the game as a diver whose role is to document any marine life you encounter on your travels. To interact with any of the fish or other creatures you encounter, you will need to collect the bioluminescent light that surrounds them. Once you’ve done this, the game will show you the name of the creature, its size, and an information text box that will tell you more information about it.

    There are over 500 creatures to find in Endless Ocean Luminous, which is sure to keep you and your diving group busy after the game launches on May 2. You will be able to check your progress using the creature log, which records each one. of your encounters while you play.

    Not only will you be able to take selfies with the marine life you find, but you will also be able to choose which of them will follow you on your trip.

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    What platforms will Endless Ocean Luminous be on?

    At the moment, Endless Ocean Luminous will only be released in the nintendo switch and will cost $49.99. However, if you would like to try one of the other games in the series, both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep were created to run on the Nintendo Wii all those years ago.

    There is no word yet on Endless Ocean Luminous releasing on other gaming systems or platforms.

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