The company of the famous blogger Videogamedunkey will publish a metroidvania animal gut


    The first game that Bigmode Games will publish was announced by CEO Dunkey. Bigmode Games was created by Dunkey and his wife Leah in order to help developers indie games and raise awareness.

    Videogamedunkey, known as Jason Yvesey Gastrow, is today one of the famous gaming stars. He is distinct from many of his colleagues, in that he covers a wide variety of games, from large AAA releases to indie games. Since he announced his and Leahs indie game publishing company Bigmode Games in September 2022, many fans and critics wait in the right direction to see what the company will do first.

    The Dunkey Channel watched as Bigmode Games started the 2022 film Dunkeys Best of the 2022. The video was started with the announcement that Bigmode would be publishing the Animal Well game by Shared Memory, which was founded by Bob Basso, who previously worked at the NetherRealm Studios and Level Ex Inc. The ‘Bigmode Games Twitter’ account also confirmed the game will be released on PC and PS5.

    The game, Described on the Bigmode Game website as a pixel marvel and with a rich audio and visual detail, is a game that Basso started to create on his own in five years ago. Game industry veteran Dan Adelman will join Basso in 2021 to help him grow their business and get promoted. Adelman was involved in the development of Xbox Live Arcade and helped bring a sequel to Nintendo, including Spider-Kiver, Shovel Knight and others.

    Animal Well is in development.


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