Deft reminds fans why he’s a League World Champion with his stunning KaiSa outplay


    No one has ever become a World Champion of a League of Legends, and Deft has recently reminded everyone about his excellent mechanical skills.

    During his Jan 8 stream, the 2022 Worlds winner grabbed a one-vs-four opportunity on KaiSa. During one of his games, Deft died completely. He remained calm and powerful.

    He was left alone on his own in the pass around the 25th. None of the enemies tried to target the CC but Deft could easily kite them. With the use of R-and R-charged, the player remained able to avoid most of the skill shots he sounded and sneak in basic attacks against his opponents.

    Initially, he took care of two of his enemies, then healed up by clearing the Razorbeaks. Once again in his full health, and with a friendly LeBlanc coming in to steal the enemies attention, Deft didn’t have any trouble achieving their goal, and claiming a better quadra kill.

    A play like that would be difficult to stop for a regular league player, but not to qualify for the 2022 World Championship. Last year, Deft took the Summoners Cup by DRX, securing the only trophy that he didn’t lift until now. In the past six years, Deft has won a lot of trophies in both LCK and LPL, and a Mid-Season Invitational in 2015.

    In the late season, Deft moved to KIA. The team will begin the 2023 LCK spring season on Jan. 18.


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