The Callisto Protocol: A new update provides more dynamic combats



    The review of the Callisto Protocol at the start of month turned many into a bad idea, but when we’re done with the test, the opinions of the international media and particularly gamers are wildly different. The massive performance problems on the computer made an important criticism of Dead Space’s spiritual successor. Even if things happen here, there’s still much to do. A new update introduces other important changes.

    Major Callisto Protocol updates bring significant improvements.

    While the official patch notes are fairly clear, PC Gamer is preparing to work out all the important changes. So far as a complete improvement in performance, there are now the best ways to skip the sometimes extremely brutal and bloody death sequences of your own character. This has two advantages, both on the one hand some timid-hearted players can also enjoy the title and on the other hand you save time and never have to watch Jacob die terribly.

    New modes of combat are changing.

    Striking Distance Studios worked to make the fights a little more dynamic. For example, healing animations have been altered to make it easier to heal a part-fight. By the way, you can also switch your weapons more quickly. It’s obvious that many players had big problems with the fights, but it’s the reason we want to take a seat for them.

    Why? Steam, PCGamer, etc.



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