Two spiders with clone and a single spider float: a canceling 4 yen



    In 2006, Rayman 4 was canceled by Ubisoft and the game became an offshoot of Rayman Raving Rabbids. Across the years, leaks have limited insight into the project. But now the source code, the level editor and action platform prototype materials have been leaked to 4Chan.

    Image Source: Ubisoft.

    One of the users talked about the prototype’s findings on Twitter. RibShark ran the engine and showed riding mechanics on a large spider, which was also present in the trailer.

    Source of the photograph:

    Moreover, there is a level in the Prototype, called Sphincter Cell, in which a report relates to the spy-pornographic series Splinter Cell.

    There are pictures below:

    In another of the unfinished levels, Rayman can go inside the rabbit robot and blow up him from inside. A user showed a gun shooter in the same video. This is probably the prototype of the plunger pistol which was first seen in the Rayman Raving Rabbids. The User also showed and Reimans girlfriend. For some reason, the model doesn’t say anything right away.


    Other Twitter users also posted interesting finds. M3KAI5ER44 showed test cardssome screenshots, death animation and uses subtitles in Game. TheZombieKiller shared a video with the spaceship’s villains who fight with Rayman.

    Fans are still digging in the cloaks, so in the future we expect new discoveries, and, most likely, assembled workable levels of Rayman 4.

    If you notice an error, pick it with the mouse and press CR.



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