The best weapons to use in MW3 Beta


    Most OP meta weapons in the Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) multiplayer beta

    Below I am listing the best weapons from different categories that you should try in MW3 Beta.

    Striker SMG – Modern Warfare 3 Beta (MW3)

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Barrel: Striker Recon Long Barrel
    • Optical: MK.23 reflector
    • Stock: Lachmann MK2 light cylinder head
    • Ammunition: .45 High Grain Auto

    The Striker submachine gun works exceptionally well at close and medium range, which is why you will find several players using it. Using the above accessories, you can increase the range and mobility of the weapon without affecting accuracy much. I didn’t feel the need to fill the fifth accessory slot, but you can put the VT-7 Spirit Fire Suppressor muzzle to keep you hidden on the minimap while shooting.

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    MCW Assault Rifle – Modern Warfare 3 Beta (MW3)

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    • Barrel: 16.5″ MCW Cyclone Long Barrel
    • Optical: Whiteboard reflector
    • Ammunition: 5.56 high grain NATO
    • Magazine: Mag 40 round
    • Back grip: RB Rapidstrike grip

    The attachments I have used on this MCW or ACR build significantly increase the weapon’s damage range and bullet velocity while maintaining its mobility stats. The assault rifle has the best performance among its counterparts and has a direct and easy-to-control recoil pattern, making it a viable option for medium to long-range combat.

    Longbow Sniper Rifle – Modern Warfare 3 Beta (MW3)

    • Laser: SL Razorhawk Laser Light
    • Stock: Out of Stock
    • under the canyon: SL Skeletal Vertical Grip
    • Back grip: Citadel LV Tactical Grip

    Of the two sniper rifles available during the MW3 open beta, I prefer the longbow because it has a fast rate of fire and can be customized to be the perfect kind of quick scope. The attachments used here are intended solely to improve the weapon’s mobility stats, primarily aim down sights (ADS) and run-to-shoot speeds. Make sure to shoot the upper body and head with this weapon for a one-shot kill. Additionally, I would suggest trying a low zoom optic, such as the Slate Reflector, as it significantly eliminates weapon sway, allowing you to do quick sighting even better.

    Stay tuned to Pro Gaming Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content. In the meantime, check out our article on Can You Play Zombies in MW3 Beta?


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