Best loadouts for Aetherium Wars in Honkai Star Rail: Aether Spirits, Expansion Chips, and more!


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    I didn’t know what to make of Aetherium Wars when it was first introduced. I thought it was going to be some card game like Genius Invokation from Genshin Impact. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some), we have Aetherium Wars, an event that features battles with mobs you’ve defeated throughout your Honkai: Star Rail journey so far. Here are the best team competitions to fight your way to the championship.

    Best Aether Spirits to Use in Aetherium Wars – Honkai Star Rail

    For the Aetherium Wars equipment I will list, these are THE most essential:

    • Homeless: Like Bronya, her ability Advance one unit during her turn.
    • silver mane Cannoneer: Performs a follow-up attack when the ally you support with your ability attacks; His Ultimate also regenerates energy for a selected unit.
    • Trotter: Your indispensable healer
    • wood lupus: Like Kafka, activate all accumulated DoT using his ability with a given build.

    If you haven’t gotten to the point where you’ve recruited all of the Aether Spirits mentioned above, I’ll provide placeholders until you do! There’s a humanoid spirit called Vagrant, for example, that you can only get in the fourth area. However, he is an indispensable member of all my teams.

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    Best team compositions to use in HSR Aetherium Wars

    Aetherium Wars is actually quite difficult, and this is coming from someone who really enjoys the game’s difficulty (thanks, Swarm Disaster). I’ve experimented with a lot of ridiculous builds to defeat equally ridiculous teams, so I’ll share the best ones with you!

    By the way Expansion tokensmake sure you are defeating the Challengers In all areas further he Hyperlink matches to get them.

    Best aberrant team

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    My Aberrant team is actually my favorite. I call it the “nuclear nuclear Blaze Out Of Space”. The goal is to strengthen Blaze Out Of Space with specific expansion chips and increase the turn order with Vagrant. Silvermane Cannoneer is there to provide follow-up attacks whenever Blaze Out Of Space does.

    Aether Spirits:

    • Homeless (can be swapped with another healing unit or any aberrant unit until you get it)
    • Silvermane Gunship
    • Blaze Out Of Space (Overlord)
    • Trotter

    The key to ensuring this team is successful is the following expansion chips in Blaze Out Of Space:

    • Threshold alteration: When attacking enemies with HP above 80%, increases DMG dealt by 70%
    • High load-low speed: Increases ATK by 90% and reduces speed by 30%.
    • Energy recycling (Optional but recommended): When the unit’s ultimate ability defeats an enemy, it regenerates maximum energy.

    With high charge, low speed, and threshold disruption, your Blaze Out Of Space should be able to bomb non-Overlord enemies with its ultimate. If they don’t die in one hit, they will need an ultimate and an ability. Use Cannoneer and Vagrant to give you more opportunities to attack.

    Best humanoid equipment

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    My humanoid team is probably the simplest to build… and the easiest to work with! It’s about having your Lieutenant Silvermane deal with all the damage he deals for you, with Silvermane Cannoneer as your sub-DPS. As long as the shields are up and the healers are nearby, you should have an endless battle that you can win.

    Aether Spirits:

    • Wanderer, Silvermane Soldier, or Obedient Dracolion
    • Silvermane Gunship
    • Lieutenant Silvermane (Overlord)
    • Trotter

    The key to ensuring this team is successful is the following expansion chips in Silvermane Lieutenant:

    • Behind the scenes improvement: When it is not your turn, increases ATK by 50%
    • General update: Increases ATK by 20% and HP by 20%
    • cleaning: Dispels a buff on the attacking enemy and increases ATK DMG by 75% when doing so.

    If you are facing a unit that is buffed, simply throw this equipment at them and watch their formation break up. Aside from mechanical enemy teams, this one is also good against humanoid teams! After all, their strategy is attrition.

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    Best mechanical equipment

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    I totally laughed when I formed this team (and you’ll see why in a moment). It’s probably the least conventional, although I can vouch for its usability! It involves having your Aurumaton Guardian summon a dozen Dragonfishes with his Ultimate and kill the enemy with DoT stacks.

    Aether Spirits:

    • Vagrant (recommended), Silvermane Cannoneer or Illumination Dragonfish
    • Obedient Dracolion with shield system and firewall chips (I’ll talk more about them in a moment)
    • Guardian of Aurumaton (Mister)
    • wood lupus

    The expansion chips you need in Aurumation Gatekeeper are all the chips you can get from Challengers in the last two zones or in the middle Hyperlink games. They are rare, valuable, and non-negotiable if you want this trade-off to work. You are looking for:

    • Efficiency optimization: Reduces the energy needed to activate his Ultimate from three to two
    • Attack Interception: At the end of the Aurumaton’s turn, they gain a barrier that negates non-DoT damage.
    • Functional overdraft: After attacking an enemy, consume 25% of maximum HP to advance 40%. It stops consuming HP by 1. By the way, any Dragon Fish he summons is considered a “turn” for him. That is to say, After a summoned dragonfish attack, Aurumaton Gatekeeper will advance 40%.

    Next, let’s talk about the Dracolion’s shield system and firewall.

    • shield system: Greatly increases the chances of being attacked. Gains a shield and increases Max HP by 500.
    • Firewall: Greatly increases the chance of being attacked and increases Max HP by 40%.

    Are you seeing the image now? Unless the RNG ruins you, it should only be Obedient Dracolion that gets attacked. It is a spirit that can withstand a fatal attack “one” time. However, it’s the ultimate reboot that offsets the talent. Basically, it’s a wall that never dies. If the RNG screws you up, Aurumaton Gatekeeper has Attack Interception, a chip that will allow him to survive an attack.

    The 100% configuration will look like this:

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    1. Aurumaton Gatekeeper, with 1 HP, will always move forward when one of his dragonfish attacks. If you can get to a point where he has six summoned, you’ll get infinite turns. If you have Cannonneer, you can provide energy with his Ultimate.
    2. When the Guardian of Aurumaton entersPenalty mode”(after his Ultimate), he will imprison the next enemy that performs its basic attack. Use it to prevent the enemy’s overload from spinning!
    3. Dragonfish will always use their AoE ability to inflict random DoT stacks on the enemy.
    4. The obedient Dracolion will resist all attacks. His ability can restore an ally’s HP in a pinch, including the Gatekeeper if their barrier ever goes down.
    5. If you have Vagrant, you can call Gatekeeper or Gatekeeper, depending on your needs.
    6. Wooden Lupus’ ability will deal more damage the more DoT an enemy has.

    It’s a little fancy, but it works. I haven’t created a mechanical kit that I liked more than this one. It is fun! These three teams allowed me to beat all the challenges in Aetherium Wars on the current maximum level/difficulty of Balance. Hopefully, they will also be of great help in your championship journey.

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