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    Genshin Impact allows players to customize their playstyle by setting up multiple teams of four to take on a variety of challenges. Whether you’re fighting bosses, hunting monsters in the open world, or taking on the Spiral Abyss dungeon, here are some of the best team compositions that can help you explore the world of Teyvat.

    Comp Multiple Reactions (National Team)

    • Xiangling
    • bennett
    • xingqiu
    • Chongyun or another Anemo character

    The National Team is a classic team that anyone can use due to its low rarity characters. If you’re just starting your journey through Teyvat, this is a great team comp to aim for that can help you complete most late game content even today. It has two core pillars: Pyro Resonance (+25 percent attack bonus) and elemental reactions (Melt, Freeze, Vaporize). Chongyun is easily replaced with Sucrose or Kazuha for Swirl damage, Raiden Shogun or Fischl for Overload damage, or even Diona or Zhongli for a shield bonus.

    Permafreeze Comp (Morgana)

    • monkey
    • ventilation
    • Any Cryo Main DPS (think Ganyu or Ayaka)
    • Diona

    Morgana’s team is a popular composition that overpowers large hordes of enemies, as long as Venti’s Ultimate can control them en masse. In addition to Venti, she uses Mona’s Elemental Burst to apply Moist for bonus damage. Diona helps the team by enabling Cryo Resonance (+15 percent critical rate for Cryo-affected enemies) while acting as a heal/shield/energy recharge support. The final piece can be flexible, as long as it’s a Cryo Main DPS character, even Rosaria or Kaeya can do it.

    While this team can be expensive and difficult to replicate with other characters, you can also create similar Permafreeze comps by replacing Venti with Kazuha or Sucrose, and Mona with Xingqiu, Barbara, or Kokomi.

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    Comp. geographical

    • zhongli
    • Arataki Itto
    • Gorou
    • Albedo

    Don’t want to worry about elementary reactions? That this team is for you. Arataki “Numero Uno” Itto will slap all enemies around him. While Zhongli supports him as a protector, Gorou as a defense booster (and light healer, if he has enough constellations). Albedo acts as a Sub/Burst DPS, who plants her flower and leaves as fast as he arrives.

    You can swap out some older geo characters in this team comp, like Ningguang in Albedo’s place or Noelle in Zhongli’s or Gorou’s place. However, they should really only be used as placeholders. Ultimately, these characters will mess up your rotations, which can significantly reduce Itto’s personal damage.

    Vaporize Comp

    • Any main DPS Pyro
    • Xingqiu or Yelan
    • bennett
    • Any other Hydro character

    Vaporize compositions offer massive and consistent damage, especially when paired with a reliable Hydro applicator, such as Xingqiu. His Elemental Burst will allow Klee, Hu Tao, Diluc, Xiangling, or Yanfei to cause Vaporization reactions while launching Pyro attacks. Bennett helps the team as a healer/burst DPS, while Mona, Kokomi, or Barbara will allow you to apply Hydro even when Xingqiu’s blast is off.

    Alternatively, you can replace Mona with an Anemo character for crowd control, such as Kazuha, Sucrose, or Venti. Or she can replace it with an Electro Sub-DPS, like Raiden Shogun, Fischl, or Beidou, to trigger the overload reaction.

    Physical Equipment Comp

    • EULA
    • Fischl
    • kuki shinobu
    • mika

    Superconduct is a great physical stamina shredder that can make it easier to take down high HP enemies. As a primary DPS, Eula works well with Electro’s off-field supports like Kuki and Fischl. Meanwhile, Mika will increase the physical damage and also help apply more Cryo to continue activating Superconduct. Alternatively, she can use Rosaria or Kaeya as the main DPS and still trigger similar reactions with a similar team composition. If you want to use Razor as your main DPS, try swapping out Kuki for Diona as well.

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    Fusion Compensation

    • ganyu
    • bennett
    • Xiangling
    • Diona

    While any main Cryo DPS works for this build, characters that can apply constant Cryo, like Ganyu, Ayaka, and Chongyun, work especially well. Paired with Xiangling, who can Pyro off the field with the burst from him, you can constantly spam the Melt reaction and take down enemies very quickly. In the meantime, you have many support options. Bennett helps trigger Pyro Resonance while offering general utility. Diona helps out with Cryo Resonance and has a reliable shield, but you can also replace her with a crowd control character like Venti, Kazuha, or Sucrose.

    Comp. from Nahida’s team

    • nahida
    • Any Pyro character
    • Any Hydro character
    • Any Electro character

    Since the release of Sumeru in update version 3.0, Dendro has unsurprisingly become one of the most powerful items, focusing on a wide range of elemental reactions. The Dendro Archon, Nahida, can be surrounded by almost any character from the other three elements that react with Dendro (Pyro, Hydro, and Electro) to great effect. Even surrounding her with four-star characters, like Bennet, Xingqiu, and Fischl, can work wonders if they’re well-constructed. That’s how powerful this little radish is.

    Accelerate Comp

    • Raiden Shogun, Keqing, Tighnari or Alhaitham (main DPS)
    • Dendro Traveler or Fischl (Sub DPS)
    • Kuki Shinobu or Yaoyao (Support)
    • Nahida (Queen)

    Quicken Team Comps are limited to the characters Dendro and Electro, however now that there is a large variety present in the game, this Team Comp is quite viable. If you choose an Electro DPS, surround it with three Dendro support characters to enable the Quicken reaction and ensure your main DPS is the character acting as Aggravate. If you go for a Dendro main DPS, use Electro Supports, but don’t leave Nahida out of Team Comp if possible, her passive boosts are too useful to give up.

    Comp. flowering

    • Nilu
    • Any other Hydro character (preferably a healer)
    • Two other Dendro characters

    If Nahida is the Queen of Dendro, then Nilou is the princess of the Bloom reaction. She will need to ensure that any team she is on has exactly two Dendro and two Hydro characters (including herself) to take full advantage of the benefits she can provide. It’s less flexible than other Dendro team comps, but it has the advantage of making the most of Bloom Reaction’s area of ​​effect damage, while also leaving room for some of the best healers in the game, like Kokomi, to make sure you let your team stay. happy and healthy no matter what content you’re tackling.

    exploration team

    • Any of the two characters from Anemo
    • Ayaka, Mona or Yelan
    • Character with a desired exploratory bonus

    Anemo Resonance is a great asset for scouting, offering -15 percent stamina consumption and +10 percent movement speed. Ayaka, Mona, and Yelan have unique running abilities that allow them to cross water quickly while consuming less energy. Lastly, use a character that has a desirable exploration bonus. Tighnari can help you find materials from Sumeru, Nahida can gather them all with her ability, Zhongli can quickly mine ore with her pillar, etc.

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