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    As the name says, adopt me! Players can adopt hundreds of adorable pets and help raise them, foster other players as parents or older siblings, or even adopt themselves and find their forever homes. Whether you want to create your own home and grow the biggest family on the block, or start your life over and be a part of one that’s already established, Adopt Me! has something for everyone. When deciding how you want to play, you may have noticed that you always spawn in The Neighborhood when you join Adopt Me, rather than Adoption Island, even though there are player houses there. Why is that? Keep reading below to find out!

    Why doesn’t my house appear on Adoption Island in Adopt Me!?

    Having your house on Adoption Island is very convenient – it’s right next to all the important buildings, ie. the Salon, Nursery, etc., you can interact with friends more easily, and it also makes you look very important! But every time I appear on Adopt Me!, my plot is always in The Neighborhood… is my luck that bad? No, it’s not; getting a plot on Adoption Island is not based on luck at all, and is rather locked behind a game pass.

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    To build your house on Adoption Island, you need the Premium pitches gamepass, which costs a whopping 449 Robux. With this game pass, players can choose one of the four plots on Adoption Island (assuming they are empty) to build their home on. These parcels are located next to the Hospital, the Farm, the Baby Shop and the Baths.


    That’s it for our guide on how to get a house on Adoption Island in Adopt Me! It’s as simple as “having Robux”. If you choose to purchase the Premium Plots game pass, it will stay with you every time you join Adopt Me!, so you don’t have to worry about it being something unique!

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