The Best Tarte Tatin Cookie Ingredients Built in Cookie Run Kingdom


    The Tarte Tatin Cookie is a Ranged Epic Cookie that prioritizes the team’s Backline position. She is an old friend of Hollyberry Cookie and a powerful Dragon Slayer who can be classified as an explosive DPS, relying on her ability for most of her DMG output.

    Best Toppings for Tarte Tatin Cookie at CRK

    While Tarte Tatin is a DMG dealer, she is extremely squishy and struggles to survive in difficult game modes, particularly arena and higher level boss fights. I find a DMG Resist build to be more practical for survivability, but you have two options that I recommend trying to find your preference:

    • x5 Solid Almond – better for survival
    • Burning Raspberry x5 – better for increasing the DMG production of Tarte Tatin

    For bonus stats, focus on racking up as much stamina ATK and DMG as possible. Also, if you go for a full version of Scorching Raspberry, make sure you bring strong tanks and healers to increase Tarte Tatin’s chances of survivability.

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    Best Treasures for Tarte Tatin Cookie at CRK

    Tarte Tatin Cookie is best paired with Treasures that can increase your DPS and reduce cooldown, allowing for more Ability usage during battle:

    • Dream Driver Whistle – for an overall DPS boost
    • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll – for an ATK boost
    • Sleepyhead Jelly Watch / Squishy Jelly Watch – for cooldown reduction

    Tarte Tatin Cookie skill information in Cookie Run Kingdom


    • When Tarte Tatin Cookie fires her cannon, she reduces her own cooldown and chains her enemies after a certain number of hits. By using his Ability, he will fire a cannonball directly at the enemy team’s center Cookie. Enemies hit are burned and bosses take additional damage. After a certain number of skill uses, Tarte Tatin Cookie will fire an upgraded cannonball. During battle, when Tarte Tatin Cookie successfully defeats an enemy or boss, its ATK will increase. While Tarte Tatin Cookie is using his Ability, she will briefly become resistant to interrupt effects.

    skill specs:

    • Cool down: 12 seconds
    • cooldown bonus: -1.5 seconds with each hit of Regular Attack
    • Shackles: three seconds after three hits of Regular Attack
    • DMG cannonball explosion:
      • 271.1 percent ATK (cookies)
      • 417.1 percent ATK (Other)
    • Extra DMG to bosses: 785.5 percent ATK
    • Improved Cannonball Damage: Cannonball Blast Total DMG x1.5
    • burn damage: 17.7 percent every 0.5 seconds for eight seconds
    • ATK when defeating an enemy: +10 percent for 15 seconds, stacks up to 10 times

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