BitLife – How to Complete the Snowbird Challenge


    Completing the BitLife Snowbird Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating any character from Canada, then follow the steps below.

    All the objectives to complete the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife

    In order to finish the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

    Before starting the Snowbird challenge, you must have the Landlord expansion pack in BitLife, as the entire challenge revolves around the DLC. You can buy the DLC in the store for $4.99.

    How to be born in Canada – BitLife Guide

    The first goal of the Snowbird challenge is to be born in Canada. While creating a new life, choose any gender of your choice and choose Canada as your country of birth. For city of birth, select any city within Canada, such as Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa. After creating said character, the first objective will be marked as complete.

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    How to migrate to Aruba in BitLife

    The second task of the Snowbird challenge is to migrate to Aruba. After you turn 18, visit the Activities tab and choose the Migrate option. In the next window, she chooses Aruba as her migration country and applies for Visa approval. If you do not have a criminal record, your visa will be approved and you will be able to migrate to Aruba successfully. In case you can’t find Aruba in the list, please increase the age to refresh all listings in the migration tab.

    How to buy a houseboat in Aruba – BitLife Guide

    The third mission of the Snowbird challenge is to buy a houseboat in Aruba. From here, most of the challenge objectives require you to buy various expensive things. So get a high paying job like becoming a doctor, software engineeror start a business. After you have a decent bank balance of around 100K, start your house hunting journey. Click the Purchases option in the Activities tab. Within the shopping window, choose a real estate agent of your choice. Browse their catalog and find a Houseboat. Most houseboats should cost around $30K to $50K. Buy one according to your taste to finish the given target. In case you can’t find such a house, increase the age to update all real estate agents’ catalog listings.

    How to Buy and Completely Upgrade a Villa in Aruba – BitLife Guide

    The penultimate mission in the current challenge is to purchase and fully upgrade a villa in Aruba. Similar to the previous objective, look for a Villa-type house by browsing the Real Estate Agents catalog. Any town in BitLife it costs in the range of 2 to 10 million dollars. That is the reason why I recommended you to get a high paying job earlier. Once you have found such a house, buy it immediately to finish the first half of the quest. As before, if you cannot find such a home in the listing, please increase the age to update all listings in the catalog.

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    The second part of the quest revolves around fully upgrading your new Villa. Depending on the size of your Villa capacity, please fully upgrade your Villa. My Villa had the capacity for seven unique upgrade features. So, I had to add seven different features to bring it completely up to date. Visit the Assets main menu tab and choose your Villa. Select the Improvement option to start improving your Villa. It will cost you millions to finish upgrading your Villa. So get ready to pay all the bills.

    How to rent more than five completely renovated properties in Aruba – BitLife Guide

    The ultimate goal of the Snowbird Challenge is to rent more than five completely renovated properties. together with you Houseboat and town property, buys three more active real estate agents. Upgrade all your properties to their maximum capacity, such as your Villa. After upgrading all your houses, rent them out to suitable tenants using the Rent option under the Property administrationfile t of your house. With that, the Snowbird objective and challenge will be over.

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