The best moves for Iron Hands in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet



    Hariyama’s new Electric-type version is making a name for itself as a big help to bulky offense. With his sky-high HP stat, he can even live a Moonblast from a Flutter Mane with Choice Specs. While he also has plenty of coverage moves to choose from, selecting the right ones is how trainers can use Iron Hands.

    The best setup for Iron Hands in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

    • wild charge
    • drain punch
    • heavy blow
    • ice punch

    Since he naturally has high HP and physical defense, Iron Hands works very well with an assault vest. This item increases Special Defense while limiting the wielder to only attack moves. A common weakness of Assault Vest sets is that they have no recovery, so Drain Punch needs to be there; Iron Hands values ​​the HP recovery from Drain Punch much more than the damage from something like Close Combat.

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    Beyond that, Wild Charge is on the set as another STAB move that has massive damage potential. Drain Punch also allows Iron Hands to heal Wild Charge’s knockback. Heavy Slam allows Iron Hands to get revenge on fairies like Iron Valiant and Sylveon. Ice Punch gives Iron Hands an option to Dragapult and Dragonite.

    What are the best counters for Iron Hands?

    Defensive Pokemon that have access to recovery are great ways to deal with Iron Hands. Amoonguss, for example, can use Toxic on Iron Hands and recover any damage it takes from Ice Punch. Garganacl, Gastrodon, and Great Tusk are also excellent checks to Iron Hands, the latter of which can bulk up against it.

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