The best accessories in Crisis Core


    In Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you can equip a certain number of accessories. At first, you can only equip two, but you can unlock additional accessory slots. These are a must when it comes to increasing your power. This may leave you wondering what are the best accessories in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    The best accessories and how to get them in FF7 Crisis Core

    Accessories are important in combat in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. These allow you to drastically alter your stats and build, especially with most powerful accessories in the game. Many of these can easily be omitted or have difficulty to unlock methods. Here are the best Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core accessories, how to unlock them, and their effects.

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    Accessory effects How to get
    divine assassin Allows Zack to reach 99,999 damage and HP. Mission 9-6-6
    heike soul Removes HP, MP and AP caps. Doubles Gil and items dropped by enemies. It provides additional benefits. Eliminates the use of DMW. Complete all the missions.
    genji gloves Allows Zack to deal 99,999 damage. Guarantees critical hits. Mission 9-6-4 (In chest)
    Genji Helm Allows Zack to ignore MP and AP, using free Materia. Mission 9-5-4 (Unlock the online store and shade through the chests in this mission. You can then purchase for 1,000,000 Gil)
    genji shield Grants permanent Barrier and MBarrier. Absorbs all elemental damage. Mission 7-6-6 (Find Magic Pot, then use Costly Punch, Gil Toss, and Octoslash when prompted. Then deal 99,999 damage to Magic Pot)
    Genji Armor Allows Zack to reach 99,999 HP. Gives permanent Regen and Endure. Reach 100% completion of the DMW
    Brutal Allows Zack to deal 99,999 damage. Mission 7-4-6
    ziedrich Grants +100 Attack, Magic, Spirit, and Vitality. Reduces the damage of elemental attacks by half. Mission 9-6-5
    super tape Grants immunity to death status effect. Mission 9-6-2
    Mission 9-6-4 (Steal from biomechanical threats

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