How to evolve to Summon Night in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell


    Summon Night is a new weapon in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. However, you will first need to unlock the new item by completing a series of steps. Here’s everything you need to know to get the devastating spell and turn it into your powerful Echo Night upgrade.

    How to evolve Summon Night to Echo Night in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell?

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    summoning night evolve in echo night after being set with a maximum Duplicator passive Article. You will first need to get your Echo Night to level 8 and your duplicater to level 2. Once both items have been maxed out, you can find the Echo Night evolution in a chest. Because it’s a random roll, you may need to open a few chests before the evolution finally shows up.

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    How to get Summon Night in Vampire Survivors?

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    for permanently unlock summon night in your weapon group, you just need survive 15 minutes in a race with syuuto. The powerful item is the starting weapon for the new Vampire Survivors character, so you’ll automatically gain access once you’ve obtained it. If you don’t have Syuuto yet, you can unlock him and Summon Night by completing the method below.

    How to get Syuuto Moonspell in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell?

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    To gain access to Syuuto, you’ll need to complete a handful of tasks first, so get ready to work. To start the process, go to Mount Moonspell Y to find the coffin in a Dojo located to the east at the beginning of the map. Opening the coffin will give you access to Vampire Survivors Miang’s new Moonspell Silver Wind weapon, which must be evolved to begin this quest line. Here are all the steps you need to complete to unlock Syuuto and his Summon Night weapon.

    • Step 1: Find and open the coffin in the Mt. Moonspell Dojo to unlock Miang Moonspell.
    • Step 2: Survive 15 minutes in a race with Miang to unlock her Silver Wind weapon.
    • Step 3: Evolves Silver Wind into Festive Winds by combining it with a maximum passive item from Pummarola. This will automatically unlock Menya Moonspell at the character select screen.
    • Step 4: Survive 15 minutes in a race with Menya to unlock the Four Seasons weapon.
    • step 5: Evolves Four Seasons into Godai Shuffle by combining it with up to Spinach and Candelabrador. This will finally add Syuuto Moonspell as a playable character.

    Summon Night is quite a powerful AOE attack, as a series of barbed flames shoot out of the sky at set intervals. Its evolution into Echo Night is pretty broken as well, as it adds additional spikes that pierce the entire screen. You can upgrade the weapon further if the X Beginning Arcana is equipped at the start of a run.

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