The Asus Xbox-licensed PC controller comes with a Tri-Mode Connector and a custom built-in OLED screen



    The Asus’s PC controller is called Asus ROG Raikiri Pro. The new controller will include a 1.3-inch OLED screen plastered above the Xbox button, which could be used to display custom charging status, mic status, blue tooth pairing, text, profile switching and custom animations. The OLED screen on the controller is reminiscent of the Dreamcast controller, which had a tiny screen and was able to display images.

    The Asus Amarashia Pi is the first graphical controller in the Xbox-licensed range, with a tri-mode connection, as well as the Windows 10 or 11 devices, or the Xbox Series X/S utilizing Bluetooth, an RF-mode with low latency, or an artificial light cable. The controller will use adaptive frequency hopping technology to reduce interference with other devices to give a lag-free Bluetooth connection for gaming. It has an audio amplifier, which helps to give it the best sound. The amplifier is 3.5 mm and the mute button is the main.

    The Raikiri Pro is made to give players a perfect grip. With four left and right buttons in the rear, the controller improves the output of the controller and provides players with satisfyingly tangible feedback with every press. Asus also claims the Raikiri Pro is extremely customizable, with Armoury Crate app allowing owners to change the controls to suit their particular needs. The Armoury Crate enables you to enter an armoury lock mode for left and right triggers.

    Raikiri Pro seems to be an even more elite controller than the Xbox Pro controllers. Asus doesn’t reveal the date or price of the Raikiri Pro on its website yet, but it’ll arrive later in the year. Since the cost of a typical processor is low, potential buyers should try using this high-end gadget with a maximum of $150 a year.



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