Templar Battleforce – How to get Lords of Death’s Quest (Brutal Difficulty)



    Lords of Death Achievement Guide


    Lord of Death

    • Kill 30 Xeno in a single turn.


    I did it on Drayan Palace, brutally hard. Even though this is my first playthrough on PC, I’ve completed the game quite a few times on iOS years ago, so I knew what I was getting into.

    I station my 2 soldiers and sniper outside the 2nd gate while it’s locked, with both soldiers on overwatch to the south where the enemies spawn. My captain and paladin were positioned near the controls so they could cut down enemies that spawn near the controls as well as finish off those entering the room at the entrance. I can hold this position almost indefinitely without any damage.

    I saw a chance for success after scanning the room outside the locked gate with my scout. I saw that the enemies there were just getting out of control on brutal difficulty. It was here that I decided to wait for the right conditions before opening the doors.

    1. I waited for my squad’s heat to dissipate to the desired level.
    2. There were at least 30 enemies in the room behind the locked doors.
    3. The room I was sitting outside in was so clean that my captain had to join the killing team at the closed gate. When I felt it was time, I began to direct my captain to the soldiers and scouts. When all 4 templars were together on a new turn (captain, 2 soldiers, scout), I had the paladin open the door.

    How do you kill an entire room in one turn? Loads of grenades! Since grenades only use 1 AP per grenade throw, I calculated the damage potential to be that my captain could throw 3 grenades and a blade wave, each soldier could throw 3 grenades and his rifle once. Can shoot, and the scout/sniper will kill the last 2 enemies standing. out of reach. This was enough to destroy all the enemies in the room, including 2 turrets (they did a lot of grenade damage), and an enemy that spawned near my paladin during that turn. I killed a total of 34 enemies this turn. I remember numbers and tactics specifically because I counted every enemy and planned the whole thing quite a bit.

    I got worried when I saw that success was not visible. Then I thought “I guess I have to end my turn to register”. Of course, the achievement gained after ending this turn. A great moment of relief and joy to know that I got success early. Then there was the feeling of sadness when I saw that only the 30 kill achievement was achieved, but not the 20 kill achievement. That’s fine though, I know another opportunity to lower some Xeno will present itself. Well in this case it was the filthy xeno-cults.

    They thought they had the numbers, but my Templars marched into that room swearing “death before dishonor.”



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