CMA: 74 percent of the public in favor of the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger


    A few months ago, the British regulatory agency CMA, which was checking the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, announced the transition to the second stage of the merger investigation. The public feedback from the players on the deal have now become known.

    Out of the three hundred emails, about 2,600 were received, but 80% of them were excluded from the evaluation because they contained offensive content, without other material content, or were blank, illegible, claimed to be from consumers outside the UK or not in English. mergers positions.

    Some of the arguments users gave in favor of the merger:

    Sony and Nintendo are stronger than Microsoft in console games and the merger will help Microsoft compete more strongly with them. In the meantime, ACL will not be made exclusive to Xbox due to its own financial situation. The merger has a unique relationship with Sony for Playstation, which has historically included exclusive content protection or early access to popular cross-platform gaming franchises such as Final Fantasy and Silent Hill. The merger will allow Microsoft to provide Activision better guidance and leadership, and encourage it to invest more in other activities such as Call of Duty.


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