Supreme Murder Mystery Codes (October 2023)


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    Updated October 16, 2023

    Today we went on a road trip in search of codes!

    Reach the sky! The sheriff is back in town, and this time he brought the entire town with him for a shootout in Supreme’s Murder Mystery. Help the sheriff take down the killer before he kills everyone in the game. Each round has mysteries to solve, but can you solve them while they hunt you?

    Supreme’s Murder Mystery codes are purely cosmetic and will not make any difference to your actual gameplay. Claim these codes to get new swords and weapon skins so you can look your best while running for your life.

    Roblox has a great selection of experiences based on this template. Claiming the codes in each of them will give you a new look while playing with your friends. For cosmetics, try Roblox Murder Mystery A Codes, Roblox Murder Mystery 5 Codes, Roblox Murder Mystery 4 Codes, Roblox Murder Mystery 3 Codes, and Murder Mystery 2 Codes.

    List of all Supreme Murder Mystery Codes

    Supreme Murder Mystery Codes (Working)

    Here’s a look at the entire Supreme murder mystery at work. codes.

    • 10M1L—Claim code for the Fang of the Supreme Sword
    • CH0PP3R—Claim code for Logchopper
    • LUCKY—Claim code for Lucky Sword
    • V1V1D—Claim code for Vivid Sword
    • C4N3—Claim code for Sugarcane Gun
    • CP1X3L—Claim code for Pixel Sword

    Supreme Murder Mystery Codes (Expired)

    These codes are no longer valid in Supreme’s Murder Mystery.

    • There are currently no expired codes.

    Supreme Murder Mystery FAQs, Answered

    Follow our guides for all your questions about Supreme’s Murder Mystery.

    How to Redeem Supreme Murder Mystery Codes

    It’s easy to redeem codes for free rewards at The mystery of the murder of the Supreme Court. To do so, follow the instructions below.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Launch the Supreme murder mystery.
    2. Click on the Inventory box logo on the left side of the screen.
    3. Enter the code in the Enter the code text box at the bottom right of the Inventory window.
    4. Click on the Redeem button to claim your reward.

    How can you get more Supreme’s Murder Mystery codes?

    To get the latest codes from the developer isaac, you will have to start the game and, in the lobby, you will have to click on the codes icon at the bottom left of the screen. This is the only place you can find working codes for Supreme’s Murder Mystery. Alternatively, here at MyFullGames, we have all the codes you need to claim gifts, so save this page and never miss another reward!

    Why aren’t my Supreme’s Murder Mystery codes working?

    There may be a few reasons why your codes for Supreme’s Murder Mystery are not working. These codes may be misspelled or missing punctuation. Copy and paste the codes from our list to make sure you avoid mistakes before clicking the Redeem button. The codes you are trying to claim may have already expired; Claim all the codes in our working list as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on any freebies.

    How to play different modes in Supreme’s Murder Mystery?

    To play different modes in Supreme’s Murder Mystery, you can click on the game controller icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and choose the mode you prefer to play. There are three different modes to choose from: casual, intense and killer. These different modes are for different expert players and if you want to challenge yourself in the game.

    What is the mystery of Supreme’s murder?

    Supreme’s Murder Mystery is a game based on the original game Murder Mystery 2. The developer used the same template and added their modifications to the game. The basics of the game remain the same; There is a sheriff, a murderer and five innocent people. The sheriff must protect the innocent, and the innocent must team up with the sheriff to stop the murderer. The killer has one job in the game: kill everyone and stop the sheriff from shooting him.

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