Skydiving Race Clicker Codes (October 2023)


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    Updated October 16, 2023

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    Skydiving is on most people’s bucket list, and now you can fulfill that dream by participating in Skydive Race Clicker! Pick up weights of different sizes and carry yourself to the ground at alarming speeds. Can you beat the competition by completing the race in under two minutes before falling apart?

    The codes that you can claim in Skydive Race Clicker will give you the in-game currency, victories. Using Wins to buy weights will allow you to fall faster in the race. Use these codes to increase speed, especially if you are a beginner.

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    List of all Skydive Race Clicker Codes

    Working Skydiving Race Clicker Codes (Active)

    • 20MVisits—Exchange for a wheel ticket
    • 1MGrp—Redeem for victories
    • Bind—Redeem for a weight plate
    • Spin the wheel—Redeem for a free wheel ticket

    Expired Skydiving Race Clicker Codes

    • Diamond—Redeem for a small diamond bar
    • 97percent—Redeem for 150 victories
    • 300KGrp—Redeem for victories
    • 5Mvisits—Redeem for victories
    • Golden—Redeem for Golden Floor
    • 500KGrp—Redeem for 125 victories
    • 96 percent
    • 150KGrp
    • 2Mvisits
    • RENAISSANCENEW—Redeem for 10,000 wins and 25% speedup for 2 hours
    • 100KGrp—Redeem for 150 victories
    • 1Mvisits—Redeem for 100 wins
    • 95 percent—Redeem for 150 victories

    Skydive Race Clicker FAQs, Answered

    Follow our guides for all your questions about Skydive Race Clicker.

    How to Redeem Skydive Race Clicker Codes

    It’s easy to redeem codes for free rewards at skydiving race clicker. To do so, follow the instructions below.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Launch Skydive Race Clicker in Roblox.
    2. Click on the Twitter icon button at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Enter the job codes in the Text’s box.
    4. Click on the green Redeem button to claim your free reward.

    How can you get more Skydive Race Clicker codes?

    Latest Skydive Race Clicker Codes from Developer rocket kids can be found by following them on Twitter @RocketKidz2 and join their RoketKidz Discord Server. Here at MyFullGames we have the latest codes from the developer. Bookmark this page and follow us to get all your freebies!

    Why aren’t my Skydive Race Clicker codes working?

    There may be several reasons why your Skydive Race Clicker codes are not currently working. These codes may be expired, the codes are urgent and you should claim them as soon as you see them in our list before the developer expires them. Codes may be missing spelling or punctuation, please copy and paste the codes from our list to avoid making mistakes when claiming your code.

    How to fall faster in Skydive Race Clicker?

    Falling faster in Skydive Race Clicker is easy. Stand at the start of the race, which is marked by a blue window that will take you to the course. Before the race starts, click on the marker that indicates where to click. The more you click, the faster you will fall in the race.

    What is a Skydive Race Clicker game?

    A Skydive Race Clicker game is a click racing game where you will have to click as fast as possible before the race in order to fall faster. There is a two-minute time limit to complete the race. Can you complete the race in less than two minutes to reach the top of the leaderboard?

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