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    An upcoming event in Palia, known as Maji Market, is just on the horizon, so if you’re wondering how to join in, we’ve got all the details on the start date and where it’ll take place in the game.

    The Palia Maji Market event is soon to drop after the continued open beta success, with developer Singularity 6 Corporation introducing the first major web event to the game for its inhabitants.

    The event is the first of its kind and will feature various activities that players can participate in for a chance to receive exclusive rewards from new food items to new adorable Chapaa plushies.

    For details on the Maji Market event in Palia and the various activities available, see our full explainer below.

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    Palia Maji Market event start date & times

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    The Maji Market event in Palia will commence on August 29, 2023, running until September 26, 2023 – meaning it’ll be live for almost an entire month!

    The event takes place every in-game night from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM Palia time, so make sure you head to the Kilima Village Fairgrounds each night and avoid missing out!

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    How to join the Maji Market: Event location

    Image of the Maji Market map location in Palia

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    To join the Maji Market in Palia, it’s as simple as checking your in-game mailbox, where you will receive an invite from Eshe.

    As we’ve said, the market takes place each night at the Kilima Village Fairgrounds, located on the Kilima map and east of the Mayor’s Estate – which you can see in the above image.

    All confirmed Maji Market activities & prizes

    Image of Chapaa plushies, available at the Palia Maji Market

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    There are a whole host of exciting activities available at Palia’s Maji Market, and participating in each of them will earn you a stamp on a stamp card which you can use to get over 50 different prizes that are unique to the event.

    Don’t worry if you miss out on the event, however, as the developer has said that all items found in the Maji Market will become available in the game later on – though a date for this has yet to be revealed.

    Image of a player chasing a Chapaa, a Palia Maji Market activity

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    The Maji Market will include the following different activities to partake in:

    • A firework display
    • Chase adorable hat-wearing Chapaas around and compete to catch them
    • Various merchants offering new food, drink, plushies and other merchandise
    • New quests
    • Photo ops

    That rounds off our guide on everything we know so far about the Palia Maji Market event – are you looking forward to checking it out later this month?

    If the event sounds exciting, make sure you’re up to date on all the details on joining the open beta, and check out our Palia homepage for more tips and tricks.


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