How to get the Business Turret in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4


    In Fortnite, you can use several new weapons introduced in Chapter 4 Season 4. The Business Turret is one of the new weapons in the game and you need to know how to obtain and use this item. This is an auto-locking Turret that can be placed on the ground to fire at enemies. Here’s how to get the Business Turret in Fortnite.

    Where to find the Business Turret in Fortnite

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    The Business Turret is a new epic rarity weapon that doesn’t require manual usage to fire at opponents. Instead, you can place the Turret down at an ideal vantage point, and it automatically locks on to opponents in its vicinity. This weapon can be found as ground loot, inside regular and epic chests. I obtained this weapon at the Eclipsed Estate POI. I recommend visiting one of the new POIs to get this weapon quickly.

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    You can also purchase the Business Turret from the Antonia NPC located at Frenzy Fields POI in exchange for 200 Gold Bars. With the Business Turret, you can hold a spot easily by placing it down at an off-angle. For instance, if you are camping in a room, place the Turret away from the entrance so that the opponents can’t see it while getting inside the house.

    Keep in mind that this Turret stays up for a short time, and enemies can shoot and destroy it. If you are facing multiple opponents at once, place the Turret close to your location to stop enemies from rushing. Since the Business Turret functions on its own, you can focus on enemies with the weapon in your hand, while the Turret chips away at opponents dealing significant damage.

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