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    Starfield is the latest Bethesda RPG, giving me and fans Fallout in Space. I’ve spent hours exploring the Settled Systems, piloting my ship, scanning planets, and fighting off space pirates. Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered various bugs in true Bethesda fashion, but one made me fear I’d have to reload my save. Fear not, I’m speaking of getting stuck in first person in Starfield, but you can fix this problem without loading a previous save.

    How to fix being stuck in First Person bug in Starfield

    I’ve encountered the bug where you often become stuck in Starfield while in first person. It’s occurred when getting off a ladder, switching from third person, and more. Once stuck, I cannot move or look around while in first person. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes. Here is how to get unstuck when in first person in Starfield.

    • Holster your weapon/Going to a new instance.
    • Switch to third person.

    Holstering my weapon has fixed the issue nearly every time it happens. Sometimes, I have to holster my weapon twice for the fix to trigger, but once I’ve done this, I can move freely in the first person. I recommend using this method, as it is the easiest. If you still cannot move, try fast-traveling to a new location to reload the instance, but I’ve only had to do this once.

    You can also switch from first person to third person. Doing this allows me to move freely, but often, when I switch back to first person, the problem persists. So I recommend sticking with the above solution of holstering your weapon since it seems to be a more a consistent solution.

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