Square Hearts is a symmetry puzzler from Ratel Games.

    • Square Hearts is part of a new mobile game series announced by Ratel Games.
    • It’s set to be more strategic than other mobile puzzlers, using the studio’s new symmetry puzzle design.
    • But will it really shake up the genre?

    Ratel Games is ready to dive deeper into the symmetry puzzle genre with the announcement of its new game Square Hearts. At the 2024 PlayX4 conference, the same one where we saw Bounty Pang announced, the studio showed off all of its business-related projects, including so-called symmetric puzzles.

    To sum it up, Ratel Games has created a system called Symmetry puzzles. Square Hearts will be the first game to use it. It aims to add a depth of strategy that Ratel says is lacking in other match-3 and mainstream puzzle genres.

    Square Hearts itself will feature a PvP element where players take turns competing on the same board. Over 80 characters will be featured along with light story elements, events and other additional gibbons. Square Master and Square Town are two other games set to follow and continue the (hopeful) success of Square Hearts.

    Entertainment through science

    While the announcement was made in very business-like language, the gist of it is that Ratel Games is building their own puzzle franchise that looks set to grab us all by the shoulders and give us a taste of Match 3. They will shake it stupidly. With the style and suggestion that this is going to be some kind of new era in puzzle gaming, we can tell they’re excited about the success of the series.

    Are they correct? We’ll have to see when Square Hearts releases, and if it kicks off the big new franchise they clearly want with Square Master and Square Town.

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