Rush Royale celebrates 83 million installs with new talent festival


    The tower defense and merge hybrid game has also fetched big money for developer My.Games.

    • Rush Royale is celebrating 83 million installs with its new Festival of Talent event
    • Fight the new boss Dissonance and earn the legendary unit Bard.
    • Rush Royale has been one of My.Games’ biggest hits in recent months.

    Hybrid tower defense and merge game Rush Royale is celebrating 83 million installs and huge new revenue for developer My.Games. To celebrate, the developer has announced a brand new event for Rush Royale with the Festival of Talents and your chance to unlock a brand new legendary unit!

    Festival of Talent takes you to the island of Random where you have to fight a new boss, Dissonance, and his mini-boss sidekick Funky Monkey. With new modifiers for you to compete with, the ultimate prize of the Festival of Talent is a brand new legendary unit, the Bard.

    Random has talent.

    While we don’t have much information on what the bard can do right now, we do know that the event will run from May 22nd to June 4th. So if you’ve been wanting a chance to get your hands on a brand new legendary unit and take on Boss Dissonance, you’ll soon be able to!

    As for the milestone in question, it’s been pretty impressive to see Rush Royale grow in popularity. While My.Games has never been a standout in any respect, Rush Royale is their biggest hit to date and seems to be growing day by day, with a very successful Advertising campaign in South Korea.

    Is this just the first of many milestone celebrations? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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