Square Enix is ending support for Chocobo GP



    Square Enix announced it will end its support for the Chocobo GP. The game will be played, but no new updates are available on the cards, and the in-game currency shop closed on January 6 knead 2023.

    With support for the Chocobo GP ending less than a year after its January 12, 2022 release date, some may expect an explanation from Square Enix, but they haven’t yet listened. The full statement below will not be updated if it only reveals the facts about the end of his support.

    Please be warned that any currency that you’ve bought will be invalid from the date of January 6th 2023 and Square Enix won’t be offering any refunds. So be sure to use any in-game currency you spent real-world money on to get things done that don’t have to be updated anymore.

    Chocobo GP has ended the sentence statement.

    Here is the full statement from Square Enix. Thank you for playing Chocobo GP. The last season that the prize pass level was used in the Chocobo GP mode. The policies for the duration of season 5 are detailed below.

    • Rankings will continue without prize pass levels, the same way as the actual season off period.
    • It isn’t planned to update large-scale items (e.g. new characters or new maps) by the week of Season 5 on Wednesday, 21 December 2022.
    • Playing the Chocobo GP mode will be a permanent concern.

    Besides, the release of Mythril on the Nintendo e-shop stopped, with the update today at fifteen o’clock (JST). The game’s mythril shop is always full of money and equipment at the end of season. So when all of the books become obsolete as of 00:00 on 01/06/2023 (JST), it will still be used in the game. Accordingly, be aware that mythril, but all of its remaining nonpaid, will be invalid at this time. *If you are not in luck with any money, you’ll pay back once the purchase becomes more of an expiration date.

    Moreover, new items continue to be added to the mythril shop as often as it’s before, but the same items can be added to the ticket or the gil shop at the same time and become available to obtain without spending mythril.

    • The tickets or other ticket stores can also be added to the Mythril store.
    • Some items originally sold in the Mythril Shop to be exclusive to Season 1, have also been re-opened (with exceptions).
    • Other items that were originally awarded as prize level rewards for Season 1 may be auctioned on either Ticket or Gil Shop.

    We hope you still enjoy your Chocobo GP.

    That’s all we’ve got on Chocobo GP ending. If you want to do that, visit our guide to the best portable gaming consoles. Choose somewhere else to find a kart racer, or simply play Mario Kart.



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