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    How to find and catch Cerulean Cicada in Palia: Spawn times, location & more

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    You might need to know how to catch a Cerulean Cicada in Palia to complete a villager’s weekly want, if you’re looking to complete the bug-catching set, or simply want to display it in a terrarium on your home lot.

    Regardless, knowing where to find Cerulean Cicada in Palia and their spawn times in the game will bring you one step closer to having the insect in your hands.

    For all details regarding the Cerulean Cicada in Palia, including sell price, spawn time and location and how to place one in a terrarium, read below.

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    Where to find the Cerulean Cicada in Palia

    Palia in-game screenshot of the Cerulean Cicada description

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    The Cerulean Cicada is an uncommon large blue-winged insect, that can usually be found in Bahari Bay, attached to Heartwood trees.

    Cerulean Cicadas only spawn in the morning and daylight hours (3:00 AM – 6:00 PM) so make sure you avoid hunting at night.

    As with other bugs, you can catch a Cerulean Cicada by throwing a Smoke Bomb and dazing it. You can increase your success rate of dazing insects by investing in better Belts at Auni’s shop.

    If unsuccessful, try with another Bomb until you have the option to loot the insect and transfer it to your inventory.

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    Cerulean Cicada uses in Palia

    Palia in-game screenshot of the Cerulean Cicada selling price

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    The base rate value of the Cerulean Cicada is 60 Gold, with this increasing to 90 Gold if it is a star-quality.

    Cerulean Cicada may also appear as a villager’s weekly want. Gifting a weekly want will yield more friendship points and make it easier to pursue them as a romantic interest in the game.

    Otherwise, if the bug is star-quality it can be placed as a terrarium on your home lot. To do so, follow these steps:

    • Put your star-quality bug into your inventory
    • Select the bug from the bar in the bottom-right corner
    • Once you have highlighted the bug, left-click and move the mouse to the area you wish to place the bug
    • Left-click again to put it down

    That rounds off our guide on how to catch a Cerulean Cicada in Palia. For more Palia tips and tricks, visit our best gifts guide and spark up a friendship with many of the town’s inhabitants, or visit our Palia homepage.

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