Call of Duty fans worried that doors will ruin MW2 2009 maps



    The majestic Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps of the golden age are returning to the Call of Duty franchise in full, as all 16 of the core 6v6 multiplayer landscapes will be the basis for Modern Warfare 3.

    Highrise, Rust, Wasteland, and Terminal will be amongst the mass import of MW2 (2009) maps for Modern Warfare 3, but it now seems they won’t be exact copies of their legends.

    Instead, adaptations will be made to suit the modern-day experience, meaning doors will feature on these iconic spaces, leaving fans worried about the maps’ legacies.

    Modern Warfare 3 will alter the MW2 (2009) maps with doors


    Alongside a big uplift in graphics and altercations to spawns (there won’t be the chance to pre-aim all spawns in Highrise this year) it has been leaked that there will be some other modifications to the maps, with doors expected to be placed throughout them all.

    With the exception of Rust, given its complete exterior design, doors are set to be popped in popular archways, with Invasion, Kirachi, Favela, and Skidrow likely to be the most affected.

    The feature was first implemented back in Modern Warfare (2019) and has long been criticised, especially because of the audio queues that prevent flanks.

    Modern Warfare 3 fans don’t want doors in MW2 remastered maps

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    With the return of these iconic maps, most players have been harmonious in saying that the new feature doesn’t belong in these kinds of environments, and could damage the reputation of the maps that we love.

    No one asked for DOORS,” said one fan in a popular comment.

    Wouldn’t be a Call of Duty game without something the majority of players don’t want,” added another fan.

    One fan also joked that “I hope there’s just a bunch of random doors in the middle of Wasteland’s fields,” indicating that not every map will be plagued with them.

    There’s no knowing how they will impact each map, at least until the beta arrives, but knowing how Sledgehammer Games has listened to fans so far, they might be rather minimal.



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