Skyrim Alchemy Guide – Best Recipes List


    Alchemy is a very useful skill to master in Skyrim. It allows players to make potions that can help the Dragonborn or poison their enemies. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of trial and error, wasting time and resources in the process. In this guide, we will give you a list of the best recipes that you can use in Skyrim.

    What are the best Alchemy recipes in Skyrim?

    Alchemy recipes allow you to make a potion or a poison in Skyrim. Both are consumables that require a certain combination of ingredients to craft. You need to have the alchemy skill level to successfully make potions. To make a potion with the desired effect, each ingredient must have at least one shared effect. You can know the effects of the ingredients by consuming them. Alternatively, if you haven’t done much alchemy, you can experiment with randomly mixing ingredients together.

    The best potions in Skyrim

    We have compiled a list of some of the best potions in Skyrim. These potions have no negative effects on Dragonborn and can only help the player who consumes them.

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    5. regenerate stamina Potion

    This potion will be beneficial whenever Dragonborn engages in combat, providing stamina regeneration. It will allow you to run more frequently, allowing you to cover more ground. Clairvoyance will give you the vision to better navigate dungeons, and the Fortify Carry Weight effect will help with Over-Ecumberence. Here are the ingredients:

    • Blackberry Tapinella
    • scaly pholiota
    • giant toe

    4. Fortify health potion

    This is a great combat potion. Strengthens the Dragonborn’s health, giving you an advantage in battle. It also restores your health and gives you Fortify One-Handed, allowing you to deal more damage simultaneously. The ingredients to make this potion are:

    • rock warbler egg
    • Wheat
    • blue mountain flower

    3. Invisibility Potion

    This potion is ideal for murderers and thieves. It not only gives players invisibility, but also a way to retaliate if the invisibility is broken. The light armor fortification and health regen that the potion provides are also great assets if stealth goes awry. The ingredients are:

    • vampire dust
    • skeever tail
    • moon moth wing

    2. The four-effect healing potion

    Potions with four effects, especially beneficial ones, are hard to find in Skyrim. This potion will not only restore your health and stamina, but it will also cleanse you of any disease and make you more resistant to poison. It is incredibly useful to have in all combat situations. Here is the list of ingredients:

    • Charred Skeever Hide
    • swamp mushroom pod
    • mud crab chitin

    1. Magicka Replenishment Potion

    This incredibly useful potion will come in handy for wizards in combat. Provides Magicka restoration and regeneration for consistent damage output. It also adds resistance to fire or frost, depending on the ingredients you use when making this potion. Here is the list of ingredients:

    • Fire salts/moon sugar
    • snow berries
    • dwarf oil

    The best poisons in Skyrim

    Just as potions can improve Dragonborn’s stats and heal his health, poisons have their role against enemies in the game. They can create weaknesses making them more susceptible to damage, or take their health outright. Here is the list of some of the best poisons in the game:

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    5. Poison damage stats

    This poison can damage Magicka’s regeneration and enemies’ health. They also have the persistent damage resistance stat, making them unable to defend themselves for longer periods of time. This is a great all-around poison, good against all the threats it can come across. These are the necessary ingredients for it:

    • chicken egg
    • human heart
    • Nightshade

    4. The delaying potion

    Sometimes the best way to dispatch an enemy is to deny them any chance to counterattack. This poison does exactly that, with slow and devastating resistance effects. It also does health damage over time, allowing you to finish off your enemies whenever you want. This is the list of ingredients of this Venom:

    • thistle branches
    • betty river
    • death bell

    3. The poison of fear

    As its name might suggest, this Poison induces Fear in enemies, making them cringe in front of you. This is a great crowd control Poison for when you have crowds of enemies. It also has slow and health damage effects, making it particularly good for even getting out of sticky situations. To make this Poison, use the following ingredients:

    • Namira’s Rot
    • death bell
    • poison flower

    2. The four-effect anti-magic poison

    This poison is particularly useful because, like potions, poisons with four different effects are hard to come by. This one in particular is a nasty combination of Magicka and harmful health effects. It also damages the Magicka Regen ability. To top it off, it also induces a Frenzy, causing your enemies to attack each other, so it also works well as a crowd control tool. This is what you need to do it:

    • Nightshade
    • human heart
    • Hagraven Feathers

    1. Paralyzing poison

    This nasty poison drains the enemy’s health, rendering them immobile and unable to counterattack. The Damage Health and Lingering Damage Health effects it has will quickly take out almost any type of enemy you come up against, allowing you an advantage in almost any encounter. Here is the list of ingredients for this poison:

    • Human flesh
    • Blackberry Tapinella
    • imp stool

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