Should you go for Jingliu or Topaz in Honkai Star Rail?


    Jingliu and Topaz from Honkai Star Rail are two of the most attractive characters in the game. Both have amazing designs and are potentially meta-definers in the scope of Star Rail’s most difficult content. However, since both characters are five-star units, it is almost impossible to get both with the hard-earned Stellar Jade. Most players will only be able to get one or the other due to how close their release windows are. Which one should you bet on then? That’s the question, right? Let it be known that I have the answer you are looking for.

    Should you choose Jingliu or Topaz in Honkai Star Rail?

    Both Jingliu and Topaz are powerful characters in their own right, but of the two, I recommend rolling for Topaz. due to its wide versatility and longevity as a unit. The reality of playing a Gacha game is that DPS-focused units tend to be overpowered and replaced after a while. This is because new characters are released that do what the old ones did, better, easier, and faster, and this is most commonly done with DPS-focused characters.

    Jingliu vs Topaz

    Jingliu is a powerful Ice Destruction character who deals massive damage and is quite durable due to his typing. For most players, Ice DPS characters are very necessary since Honkai Star Rail is still relatively new in its gacha lifespan. As such, you will find many other guides that recommend betting on Jingliu over Topaz due to his damage output. While this is not necessarily incorrect, as Jingliu will certainly be a powerful asset to his account’s power, he is still a DPS unit and is therefore a target for eventual replacement. Its only function is to cause great damage and it is very good at that.

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    Topaz, however, is a Fire Hunt DPS that offers more than just massive damage. Topaz is similar to Kafka in that it provides a significant improvement to a specific type of attack. In Topaz’s case, it improves the power of follow-up attacks, meaning its value is much higher in the long run. Topaz also deals massive damage on its own and will likely be used as a primary DPS by many players. However, even after a stronger Fire DPS character is released, he will still be a valuable unit for teams that have a lot of access to follow-up attacks. This ultimately makes Topaz more valuable, as she will always be a cornerstone for these types of teams.

    Ultimately, it’s up to you who you show up for. If you really like Jingliu, then bet on her. She is far from weak and will be useful for a long time. Still, if longevity is more valuable to you, Topaz is undoubtedly the better choice between the two.

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