Is Lords of the Fallen a Souls game? Mental similarities and differences


    Lords of the Fallen has been called a ‘dark fantasy RPG’ and from what we’ve seen so far, from concept art to gameplay trailers, we’re all wondering if it’s going to be another difficult Souls-type game. There are already plenty of comparisons between Lords of the Fallen to Elden Ring and Dark Souls, which can give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the experience, but there are also some unique twists that set it apart from the rest.

    Is Lords of the Fallen a Souls-like game?

    Souls-like became a subgenre classification for games based on the popularity of the well-known game Dark Souls, a relentless dark fantasy role-playing game. Games with similar characteristics of dark medieval landscapes, crazy boss fights, and extreme difficulty are assigned the Souls-like RPG subgenre based on these similarities.

    Lords of the Fallen can easily be classified as a Souls-type game based solely on its similarities to Dark Souls. It features a similar medieval-style world, grotesque-looking bosses and creatures, and will have those relentless kills that Dark Souls was known for. Unlike Elden Ring, Lords of the Fallen also more closely follows Dark Souls’ style of a semi-open world rather than a completely open world, guiding players more carefully through intriguing but linear maps. However, it also has its unique differences.

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    What makes Lords of the Fallen stand out from the usual Souls-type games is its unique feature that will allow players to transition between two realms, Axiom, the world of the living, and Umbral, the world of the dead, almost simultaneously. With this feature, players can avoid obstacles by alternating between the two worlds. It will also offer a little more grace to less experienced players, allowing them to retry a failed boss fight a second time by doing so in the Umbral world.

    Lords of the Fallen’s similarities and differences to other Souls-like titles could attract a broader audience to the game, allowing a little more grace for newer players, while also offering a challenging and intense battlefield for newer players. Experienced Souls-like players. Surely, what will make it stand out the most is its exciting history and its striking landscape.

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