Seven Deadly Sins: Idol Announced for iOS and Android

    • Seven Deadly Sins: Idle is the newly announced game for the Seven Deadly Sins series.
    • Based on the hit anime and manga franchise, it looks to garner a more casual audience
    • It’s coming to iOS and Android in October 2024.

    With a plethora of anime-centric games coming out at the minute, and titles like Bleach: Brave Souls enjoying a bit of a renaissance, we’re not surprised to see a new game in the series next. The manga and anime The Seven is a hit. deadly sin.

    Netmarble has announced the latest game based on the series, The Seven Deadly Sins: Idle coming to the iOS App Store and Google Play in October 2024!

    The Seven Deadly Sins center on, well, the Seven Deadly Sins. Well, joking aside these ‘sins’ are actually legendary knights whose personality or abilities are somehow related to their assigned sin. After committing a crime they did not commit, they are once again called upon to save the kingdom of Britannia and clear their names.

    It’s a series you probably know from its first mobile spin-off, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, a good game. What the Seven Deadly Sins: Looks Worthless offers a much more endearing, user-friendly take on the series. So expect something that doesn’t have much depth but a lot of flair.

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Uselessness To be released in October 2024!

    Seven ways to win

    There isn’t much to the moment aside from the fact that yes, the game does seem to feature chubby versions of the characters and focuses on a more idle RPG format as the name suggests. It seems like Netmarble is trying to capture players who might be turned away by more rigorous gameplay, though we’re not sure if it will capture those who are into games like Grand Cross.

    In the meantime if you want to learn more about Seven Deadly Sins games, check out our code list for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross to get you inspired!


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