Secret of the Dragon Teased for October


    We were really lucky to see Crash Bandicoot again. The N-Sane Trilogy marked the marsupial’s full return to the gaming industry, and it made its home where it belonged with the fourth installment in its core franchise as a whole. For the most part, it actually managed to live up to its past.

    Although Crash and his teammates are on a bit of a live service kick with Crash Team Rumble, there’s no doubt that his return was welcome. Since then, fans have been wondering when everyone’s favorite Purple Dragon will get the sequel treatment after the successful remake series. The time may finally be here.

    Looks like a Spyro sequel is on the way.

    Oh my god, it’s happening. The GamingLeaksAndRumours has reported that a brand new Spyro game is on the way, ready for a release trailer that is expected to launch on October 5th.

    If leaks are to be believed, Spyro’s long-awaited return is reportedly titled Spyro 4: Mystery of the Dragon and will be a direct sequel to the classic third game. It will reportedly launch on Xbox, PS5 and PC in the fourth quarter of 2024.

    It’s also suggested that we’re getting a Rift Apart scenario with two different story modes for Spyro and Cynder – the latter of which will be fully playable.

    The game is expected to be fronted by Nicholas Cole who was responsible for the character and environment design of the recent Spyro and Crash games, so we could be in for a treat with this game. But not everyone is picking up what Reddit is putting down.

    Some Spyro fans are skeptical.

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    Toys for Bob

    Some fans in the comments believe that Sander’s inclusion is a cheap shot at the fact that the game isn’t actually real.

    As one fan threatened if the game doesn’t appear in October (a bit later), another user added, “Better stay close to the toilet that day, buddy. Cinder’s inclusion should be a dead giveaway.

    Another is concerned about the structure of the game, he added.The separate story modes seem to be losing the level-based collectathon approach, which is what I loved most about the original trilogy. Hopefully I’m just misinterpreting things.

    Whether Spyro 4 comes or not, it means a lot. Spyro fans are hungry, and maybe we’ll be fed. It’s about time. Pin intended too much.


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