Roblox Bakery Simulator Codes (July 2023)


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    Roblox Bakery Simulator is the perfect game for people who love to cook and play games at the same time. In Bakery Simulator, you will cook more than 75 different cakes and pastries. You can also own and run your own bakery. In this bakery, you will have the option to buy new ovens and even win cool pets to show off.

    So, what are you waiting for? Jump into Bakery Simulator today! But before you do, why not get a head start with some code? Fortunately, MyFullGames has the most up-to-date list of OP codes that you can redeem for new gems and additional goodies. Redeem these amazing items to help you bake sweet treats and cakes in style!

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    List of all Bakery Simulator codes

    Updated July 14, 2023

    Page updated, no new codes, check back later

    Bakery Simulator Codes (Working)

    Here’s a look at all the working Bakery Simulator codes.

    • summer22—Redeem for gems and coins (New)
    • Babble—Redeem for 25 gems
    • Kingkade—Redeem for a reward

    Bakery Simulator Codes (Expired)

    These Bakery Simulator codes no longer work.

    • summer21 – Redeem for Sunflower Floor Design

    How to redeem Bakery Simulator codes

    If you want to redeem codes for free cool rewards at bakery simulator, It is easy. Start by launching the game through the app or the website. After the game is running, look for the Enter Code button at the bottom right of the screen. It’s going to be small and very hard to miss, but find it and click on it. A new window will appear shortly after, and within this window, you will need to enter each code. Copy or manually type all the codes from the job code list in the Enter Code window. Then press confirm and you will get your amazing free Bakery Simulator code.

    Why are my Bakery Simulator codes not working?

    If you’re having trouble redeeming any Roblox Bakery Simulator code, the problem is usually that the code has expired. But in rare cases, the problem with the code could be that you are adding extra letters when trying to enter the code. Therefore, we recommend copying and pasting the code manually. But if you’re still having errors or you’re 100 percent sure you’re not making them, the code is probably expired. In this case, please leave a comment with the expired code and MyFullGames staff will remove the expired code.

    Where to get more Bakery Simulator codes

    For more codes for Bakery Simulator, we recommend bookmarking this guide and checking back later to add more codes as they are released. But beyond Pro Game Guide’s amazing list, you can always get more codes from the developer’s Twitter account for Bakery Simulator. in the account @Goobles On Twitter, you can find them occasionally posting code for the games they develop, including Bakery Simulator.

    What is the bakery simulator?

    Bakery Simulator is a game where players run their own bakery and bake various sweets and cakes. In total, there are over 75 sweets that players can bake with more being added with updates. With that being said, as players play Bakery Simulator they will level up and unlock new recipes. Players can also upgrade their kitchen with multiple ovens and unlock cool pets to show off to their friends.

    What do passes do in Bakery Simulator?

    Passes are unique rewards that tend to offer special perks in Roblox games. Bakery Simulator is the same way and the passes that players can purchase will offer various perks that affect things like how customers tip and the speed of player execution. The following are all the passes and what they do in Bakery Simulator

    • Rich Clients: When purchasing this pass, customers will tip twice the normal amount.
    • Ingredients Magnet: Purchasing this pass will cause you to collect the ingredients by walking near them.
    • Pique: Buying this pass will make you run faster in Bakery Simulator.
    • exotic cakes: Purchasing the Exotic Pastries Pass will unlock 12 exotic pastry recipes that allow you to earn more in-game currency.
    • fancy cakes: Purchasing this pass will unlock 12 exotic cake recipes that earn more in-game currency.
    • Load capacity X2: Purchasing this pass will allow you to carry twice as many ingredients in your cart.
    • Fairy Pack: Purchasing the Fairy Bundle will unlock the following pets in Bakery Simulator: Flowerbloom, Heartbloom, and Rainbloom.
    • Rainbow Bee Pack: Purchasing the Rainbow Bee Bundle will unlock three wonderful pet bees in Bakery Simulator

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