Oxenfree 2 I’ve Had Weirdest Jobs Achievement – How To Help Hank


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    Oxenfree 2 narrative adventure game has several subplots that you can choose to follow or ignore along with the main story. The point-and-click puzzler has several cool tools that you’ll use to progress, including the use of radio frequencies and a walky-talky that you use to chat with a variety of characters. Some of these are just for fun, while others are vital to your plans or used for achievements. If you’re looking to get the I’ve Had Weieder Jobs achievement, here’s how you can help Hank get it in Oxenfree II.

    How to get the I’ve Had Weirder Jobs achievement in Oxenfree II

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    To get the I’ve had stranger jobs achievement you will need to gather two tests for Hank, one of the characters you will meet through your radio. You will find him on channel four of your walkie-talkie after you have entered the Post Office building in Garland Ghost Town. To complete his tasks you will need take a picture of something that lives in another timeplus some physical evidence of ghostly activity.

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    How to get physical evidence of ghostly activity

    You can get the physical evidence long before you meet Hank. I got it almost by accident, but if you didn’t, you can come back and pick it up later. what you need is the shoe you saw in the cave at Horseshoe Beach, which you find after playing the game with the ghost boy on the beach. The shoe triggers a scene, but afterward, you can crawl back to the cave and take the shoe.

    How to help Hank in Oxenfree 2

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    To get the picture Hank needs, you’ll need to alter time using the two working EMF Boosters and then go through the crack, the same way you do to get into the mine. This time, however, you need set the boosters to 9 and 3, to get you through the rift up to 1930. When she arrives, she will see a man sitting in front of the general store. She strikes up a conversation with him with Riley, after which Riley will ask Jacob to take a picture of her.

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    I radioed Hank to let him know. He will thank you and then ask for the physical evidence. (described above). You must place the shoe in the lockbox upstairs in the corner of the post office. Once this is done, talk to Hank again and you will get the I’ve Had Weirder Jobs achievement.

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