Reverse: 1999 saw the six-month anniversary update and the unveiling of Update 1.6.

    • Reverse: 1999’s six-month anniversary is here.
    • There are special characters and more with new update notes on Shuri.
    • Check out sign-in events, free pulls and social media contests!

    Reverse: 1999 is set to bring an all-new refresh and celebration for its six-month anniversary. Update 1.6 notes on Shuori will take players back to the East, introducing new characters, challenges and more. Set to arrive on May 30, it will let players take advantage of various rewards, including 30 free pulls and a host of sign-in rewards.

    The update adds two new arcanists for players to recruit: the six-star Jiu Nyangzi and the five-star Yanisi, as well as a new roguelike game mode featuring Echo in the Mountain. You’ll be able to lead your regular team on a roguelike mission that branches off into different paths, offering a replayable and challenging mission variety.

    While previous expansions have focused on more exotic areas of the world like Greece and Australia, Notes on Shore seems to be taking the series to a more familiar location with historical China, albeit interestingly more realistic. And with a more imaginative approach.

    Six months of reversal

    Aside from the in-game events, Reverse: 1999 has a lot of behind-the-scenes promotions happening on social media. As confusing as it may be for the games to celebrate a mere year and a half of release, it will be a welcome way for fans to get some free stuff, as well as the introduction of new characters.

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