Remnant 2 Man in the Sewer – Should you give the amulet or keep it?



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    Remnant 2 offers many trials and tribulations, and in the sewers of Losomn, you might have come across a pathetic wretch of a man, vowing for your attention. A monster of mysterious origin lurks within the sewer, and the wretch warns you not to go near it, or it’ll ‘find’ you instead. Little does he know, you’re not in the mood for chickening out just because some deranged beast is looking to feast. So, you go hunt it down and are rewarded with the powerful amulet it left behind. The fool begs you for the amulet, saying it’s a threat to all, and that he’d reward you with something else if you hand it over. Should you though? If you’re asking that question, you’ve come to the right place.

    Should you give the amulet to the Man in the Sewer in Remnant 2?

    As someone who foolishly trusted the word of a fool, I highly recommend you keep the amulet you got from the monster he sent you after. The amulet you’re rewarded with is extremely potent, offering a 3% Skill Cooldown Reduction every time you spend 300 Mod Power. This works both your skills, and allows for some crazy builds not possible without it.

    If you hand over the amulet, the wretch gives you a ring that, while not weak, is far from the power scaling the amulet offers you. The ring in question provides you with a stacking reload speed buff that works well with weapons that have staggering slow reloads. Due to this, it does favor builds with a heavy focus on gunplay. It is also worth getting your hands on if you can.

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    How do you keep the Spirit Wisp Amulet and the Outcast Ring?

    The only way to keep the Spirit Wisp Amulet and get the Outcast Ring is to reroll your Adventure or Campaign and complete the Man in the Sewer event a second time. If you intend to have both, give him the amulet the first run-through, then re-roll. Go through the motions of the event for the second time, and when prompted to keep the amulet, do just that. With that, you have both rewards from the event, without question. You’re welcome

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