How to use the Disguise field upgrade in DMZ


    In Call of Duty DMZ, you can use different types of field upgrades to get an advantage in every combat scenario. Some field upgrades like the Rebreather are designed to provide utility in different terrain, while others like the Disguise can be used to hide in plain sight. Naturally, you must know how to use this field upgrade to blend in with the AI combatants on the map. Here’s how to use the Disguise field upgrade in DMZ.

    What does the Disguise field upgrade do in DMZ?

    With Season 5, DMZ is getting some massive changes, including the introduction of a few field upgrades. The Disguise is a new field upgrade that is built for purely stealth situations. Disguise essentially allows your operator to appear as an AI combatant. This way, you can hide in plain sight without having to fight anyone during the raids. If you want to complete missions covertly without alarming enemy operators and AI forces, this field upgrade will be your best friend in DMZ.

    Equipping a Disguise turns your costume into an AI combatant’s outfit. This means you won’t be attacked by the AI forces of the same Faction while you have Disguise equipped. However, if you act aggressively toward the AI forces and start eliminating them your cover will be blown.

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    Best Armor Vest to wear with Disguise field upgrade in DMZ

    Since the Disguise field upgrade changes your appearance in the game, you can combine it tactically with a few unique vests to get efficient results. For instance, you can wear a three-plate Comms Vest to get constant pings if any enemy operators are nearby. Similarly, you can use a three-plate Stealth Vest to further avoid detection from UAVs. I would recommend getting a Stealth Vest or Comms Vest to complement the Disguise field upgrade perfectly in DMZ.

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