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    Remnant 2 is a unique soul-like game that offers up to eight classes, known as Archetypes, to choose from to fight against the Root, an ancient enemy that terrorizes the game’s multiverse. At first glance, it may seem like picking a class that can deal the most damage in range may be the best option. I soon discovered that without the right strategy and a team to support me, that way of playing could quickly end in my death. This guide will cover all of the Remnant 2 archetypes and how they compare.

    Every Class: Archetype Tier List for Remnant 2

    Level Archetype
    S Doctor, Manager, Engineer
    TO Gunslinger, Alchemist, Summoner, Raider
    B. Hunter
    C. explorer, challenger

    Every Archetype In Remnant 2, Ranked

    We rank archetypes based on their overall performance and usefulness in Remnant 2. Please note that developers may make balance changes later, in which case we’ll make appropriate adjustments to this ranking to reflect them.

    All S Tier Archetypes in Remnant 2


    Medic is the archetype of the healer in Remnant 2, with the primary role of keeping his team alive in combat. The main advantage of it is Regenerator, which allows you to fully restore a friend’s health using a relic. Upon leveling up, this perk further enhances its capabilities by providing the healed ally with bonus damage and damage resistance for a specified period, bolstering their combat effectiveness.

    It goes without saying that healing in a soul type game is of immense value, but Medic even has a bonus up his sleeve. They can revive downed allies almost immediately, which is invaluable when fighting bosses like the Bloat King.


    Handler is undoubtedly one of the more standalone archetypes in Remnant 2 thanks to the Bonded Prime Perk, which allows players to be revived by their canine companion, as long as they have at least one charge of Dragon Hearts available. It can even be used to remotely revive other downed teammates while the controller focuses his attention elsewhere, most likely on what brought down his friend in the first place.

    Their role on the team can be multifaceted, and their perks allow them to increase the team’s damage output with the Howl perk or even heal other team members with the Support Dog ability. While her healing may not be up to the level that a proper Medic can provide, this ability has proven extremely useful in many of my games.


    The Engineer is a secret archetype from Remnant 2 that has taken the community by storm. The best way to describe this Archetype is heavy fire support. Your main advantage High technology Overclocks a weapon, giving it increased fire speed, giving it infinite ammo and 25% damage increase for 15 seconds. And here I thought that Gunslinger has the most firepower! To top it all off, the engineer’s specific class feature strengthens his armor, making it more effective, placing this archetype in the S tier of this list.

    All Tier A Archetypes in Remnant 2


    Gunslinger is the main DPS archetype in Remnant 2 and provides a near unlimited and sustained amount of firepower at a rapid rate. He Loaded The Prime Perk allows the Gunslinger to have unlimited ammo and no reload time on their weapon, allowing them to dish out a massive amount of firepower, rivaled only by the Engineer Archetype.

    Gunslinger works best as a team, relying on other Archetypes for healing and other buffs. Ideally, you’d want a Medic on your team if you choose this Archetype, or at least someone who takes the brunt of enemy fire, as any kind of sustained damage will take them down quickly, as I found out the hard way.


    Alchemist is a pure support archetype from Remnant 2, with the sole purpose of providing his team with various types of buffs. They provide a chance to have an additional brew buff active with your Prime Perk Energetic, which allows for versatile tactical options. The Alchemist is one of the hidden archetypes, and to unlock it, you need to craft the Philosopher’s Stone Engram.


    Summoner is an archetype with a distinctive ability to summon and command minions to do his bidding. They can also use abilities to imbue their small army with increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed, making them even more effective against enemies. Your main advantage Relentless is even more useful, allowing them to sacrifice their minions for additional damage.


    Invader is probably the most challenging class to unlock in Remnant 2, which goes well with the elusive image of the Archetype. They are shadow warriors who rely on illusions and subterfuge to ventilate their team and attack enemies from the shadows. Your main advantage Shade Spawns a decoy that draws enemy fire for 3 seconds and empowers the character for +5% bonus damage against enemies not targeting it. Another useful feature that I particularly like with this archetype is their untouchable trait, which gives them an increased evasion window of up to 30% when maxed out.

    All Tier B Archetypes in Remnant 2


    Hunter is a team-dependent sniper class in Remnant 2. It is a ranged damage dealing archetype that specializes in marking enemies for teammates. The main advantage of it is dead to rights, and allows them to deal weak point damage from a distance. They provide various boosts to your team through their skill set, such as spotting enemies through walls with the Mark ability, as well as increasing the team’s critical chance against marked targets.

    All Tier C Archetypes in Remnant 2


    Explorer plays a supporting role in Remnant 2, improving the team’s loot hunting capabilities, increasing the team’s damage, improving movement speed, and uncovering hidden treasures. The utility of this archetype ties heavily to the loot acquisition and farming boosts they provide to your team, but unfortunately, this class lags behind in all other areas.


    Challenger is the tank class in Remnant 2, with the sole purpose of taking the brunt of the punishment for the team. Its main advantage is die hard which gives them a period of invulnerability while they regenerate their HP, which is useful for sticky situations, but a big downside is a ten minute cooldown period. Personally, I found this Archetype lackluster in all other areas, and many players think that a tank slot in a game where the damage output takes the primate is better filled with some other class.

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