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    of Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers are busy, dragging many universes into a fantasy card game.

    We have seen. Lord of the Rings, Warhammerand more, and now it’s a sci-fi universe. Doctor Who This is treating the cardboard.

    As revealed at SDCC, Wizards of the Coast Bringing Doctors and the Daleks – Here’s everything we know about the gathering of the magical: Doctor Who.

    MTG Doctor Who: Doctor Who Release Date

    Magic The Gathering Doctor Who The War Doctor Artwork

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    Doctor Who from Magic the Gathering Comes to the crossover October 13and you can pre-order now. Amazon.

    MTG Doctor Who: Doctor Who Mechanics

    Magic The Gathering Doctor Who Me The Immortal Artwork

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    gave Doctor Who The crossover adds new mechanics. Magic The Gatheringthemed around the skills and knowledge of each doctor.

    Doctor’s companion

    new Doctor Who Commander decks are going to be interesting, with the keyword meaning players can have “two commanders if the other is a doctor”.

    This keyword will only work if your chosen commander is the Time Lord Doctor.

    New qualifying word: paradox

    “Paradox – Whenever you cast a spell from anywhere but your hand”

    This is triggered when a card is played from a source other than a player’s hand, such as when using a flashback effect.

    The Sagas

    Sagas will play a major role, with all 15 featured Doctors offering a connected saga, while four villain cards also offer the same.

    Check out The Parting of the Wise Saga below.

    The Parting of the Ways Saga Card from Doctor Who Magic The Gathering Crossover

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    MTG Doctor Who: Doctor Who Commander Decks

    Magic The Gathering Doctor Who Me The Immortal Artwork

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    Here is Magic the Gathering Doctor Who Commander Dax. Commander selection is also a bit more flexible, thanks to the doctor’s companion keyword.

    • Blast from the past – Green/White/Blue – Centered around the first eight Doctors.
    • Timey-Wimey – Blue/Red/White – The Commander’s authority is the Tenth Doctor (3/5), including the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors.
    • Paradox Power – Green/Blue/Red – This deck includes the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors.
    • Masters of Evil – Blue/Black/Red – Centers around iconic villains like Doctor Who, Deluxe.

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