Red Bull Home Ground brings VALORANT to Tokyo in 2023



    After three stellar years of competition, crowning champions of the off-seasons, Red Bull is bringing back its VALORANT series, as Home Ground returns.

    Previously, Red Bull Home Ground has blessed the online tournament genre before heading to Manchester for its inaugural LAN. After a successful year in which 100 Thieves was crowned champion, the VALORANT superstars and Red Bull Home Ground are heading to Tokyo, ramping up the ante for VALORANT teams in the off-season.

    Red Bull Home Ground returns with Tokyo LAN

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    Following in the footsteps of the VCT Masters, Red Bull Home Ground has now been announced to be jetting off to Tokyo as of November 3-5.

    The adapted VALORANT tournament will again be enforced as eight teams will be competing for a lion’s share of the yet-to-be-revealed prize pool (expected to be around the $100,000 akin to the last series in Manchester, 2023).

    This year, the event will take place at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Arena, home of Sumo wrestling, which seats up to 20,000 fans in a domed arena, meaning this year, we will see a wealth of fans encircle their VALORANT heroes.

    100 Thieves returns for Red Bull Home Ground #4 to retain their title

    As the defending champions, Red Bull has announced that 100 Thieves will be the first time to be invited to the Home Ground, as the North American team will be preparing to overcome some of their woes from the VCT season.

    A further five teams will be invited to the event, while two more will book their seats on the plane to Tokyo through a last-chance qualifier in September. 

    With the tournament being in Japan, it could also be a good time to see a team like Zeta division play in front of a home crowd, after missing out on Masters this year. 

    Tokoy natives should also look forward to having their culture broadcast and displayed, as last year’s iteration focused on the rawness and streets of Manchester, tapped with Radianite.



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