Ranking all Lucy MacLean mods for Fallout 4 from worst to best


    It’s not easy to recreate actress Ella Purnell’s Lucy MacLean from Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series in Fallout 4. There are so many details you have to get right, as is the case with recreating any real-life person in the game. Several modders have attempted to recreate her appearance, so we ranked all Lucy MacLean mods for Fallout 4 from worst to best.

    Top Rated Lucy MacLean Mods for Fallout 4

    Creating Lucy from the Fallout TV show in Fallout 4 is a fun way to play the most charismatic vault dweller we’ve ever met. But if you’re not good at making realistic replicas of people in character creators, the Fallout 4 modding community has you covered. We’ve ranked the best Fallout 4 Lucy mods based on how successful they were at recreating her appearance. There’s even an amazing recreation of her backpack for the ultimate role-playing experience. If Todd Howard can have her face on a TV show and in a game, Ella should too.

    7. Lucy from Fallout Series (version 2) Fallout 4 Mod

    Image via Chibako

    This Lucy from Fallout Series (version 2) mod Because Fallout 4 is not realistic at all. The eyes are dull, it’s ermm… not exactly accurate to the series, and the hairstyle is completely wrong.

    Look, we’re not here to judge (well, I guess I’m judging Lucy’s best mods here, but you get what I mean), but if you’re looking for an accurate representation of the best Vault Dweller to grace our screens, then this one isn’t here. It is the mod you are looking for.

    6. Lucy (Fallout TV Series) Preset Mod for Fallout 4

    Image via papagator

    If you have enough imagination, the Lucy Preset Mod (Fallout TV Series) for Fallout 4 allows you to play as Lucy from the TV show. While the model looks good, some details are a little off. The hairstyle is correct, but the eyes are not the right shape. The face shape doesn’t look quite right either, but it’s a pretty solid effort… and much better than I would have ever managed!

    5. Lucy MacLean LooksMenu Preset Fallout 4 mod

    Image via Kyndra72

    He Lucy MacLean LooksMenu Preset Fallout 4 mod by Kyndra72 does a decent job, as this version of the game has Ella’s big eyes, although the color is more brown than green. I’ll even give some extra points for her hairstyle, but things fall apart a little when it comes to lips and cheeks. Overall, it’s a decent mod that will help you step into Lucy’s old Vault 33 shoes.

    4. Viper’s Lucy Fallout 4 Preset Mod

    Image via Viper

    Viper Lucy Preset Mod Well, Fallout 4 offers us a very good version of MacLean. The eye color is almost perfect, as is the shape of the mouth and jaw. But something feels off, and I wasn’t sure why until I noticed that the nose is too thick, while the top is too rounded.

    Given that Viper is working with a character creator from 2015, this is an excellent effort regardless.

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    3. Vault Girl Recreations Fallout 4 mod

    Image via VaultGirl2077

    Vault Girl Recreations Fallout 4 mod He did a great job creating Miss MacLean’s look, with eyes and hair almost identical to her appearance from the TV show. In some screenshots, this character model looks incredibly accurate, but we had to use the one above to show how she can sometimes look very… strange. If you’re looking to play a slightly older version of Lucy in Fallout 4, this might be the right mod for you.

    2. Lucy MacLean from the Fallout Series V2 mod for Fallout 4

    Image via Chibako

    Lucy MacLean from the Fallout Series V2 mod Because Fallout 4 offers us the closest gaming version to a popular actress. Every facial feature is well done and there’s not much to criticize here. You won’t make a mistake if you choose this Fallout mod, but there is only one that I slightly prefer over the other. Ultimately, though, regardless of whether you use this mod or our top pick, you’ll be happy with your choice.

    1. Lucy MacLean – Appearance Menu Face Preset Mod Fallout 4

    Image via milkdrinker

    Lucy MacLean – Looks Menu Face Preset Mod because Fallout 4 takes our first place. Almost all of the prominent facial features are accurate here, and while there may be some minor inaccuracies, they’re barely noticeable enough to notice while you’re busy blasting a Deathclaw in the face with a Fat Boy.

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    Best Lucy Backpack Mod for Fallout 4

    Image via ModishNouns

    Without the right equipment, you can’t roam the wilds and shoot deathclaws and radiscorpions. Complete your Fallout Lucy look using the Vault 33 backpack via Lucy Vault 33 Retex backpack mod for Fallout 4.

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