Honkai Star Rail Tides of War Guide: Best Gear, Grit Supports, and More!


    The new event in Honkai Star Rail is called Tides of War and pits you against bosses and swaths of enemies. To defeat them all, you will need to quicken your courage and defeat them before they escape.

    How to S Rank all Tides of War stages in Honkai Star Rail

    The Tides of War event is a short-lived event within Honkai Star Rail. To play, you can click on the Events tab or access the new levels from the main menu. A new Tides of War level will be added every day.each with their own requirements to complete.

    In each one, you must complete the same four objectives to get all the loot:

    • Enter “Grit Phase 4: Power Awoken” once.
    • Defeat the boss of the first wave.
    • Defeat the boss of the second wave.
    • Defeat the third wave boss.
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    Each day, the battles will have the same objectives, but The way you get Grit during those battles will change.. Any action you take will give you a small amount of Grit, but the main action that increases your Grit will change daily. It can be killing a certain enemy, healing them, taking damage, or other actions. Once you reach a certain amount of Grit, you will go up a level or phase and gain a new power from it.

    • Arena phase 1 never produces any effect.
    • In Grit Phase 2 you will be able to choose between two powers that you will choose before the battle begins.
    • In Grit Phase 3 you will be able to choose between two powers that you will choose before the battle begins.
    • Grit phase 4 does not have to make a decision, but increases your power and Recharge all of your character’s Ulimates..

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    Day 1: Wobble Effect

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    You will have to complete three battles in a row within the round limit assigned to you. Some enemies in these battles will be Trotters or can become Trotters. Once you start damaging the Trotter enemies, they will try to run away, so you’ll have to keep an eye on those piggies while you keep track of your remaining turns. You must defeat the Trotters quickly or defeat them to prevent them from fleeing.

    The best team you can make with the test characters for this battle is Kafka, Black Swan, Acheronand any Sustain character. For phase 2, Long-lasting effect It’s great with Acheron and Kafka. For phase 3, choose war of attrition for additional DoT damage. Once the boss is killed, you will move on to the next phase, so make sure to kill the Trotters first before getting rid of the bosses. The bosses in order are Voidranger, Dino Chef and finally Sam.

    Day 2: Dangerous threshold

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    Since the Grit boost is all about raising and lowering your allies’ HP, you’ll want to take jingliu for its HP drain, Blade, luocha for their self-healing, and bronya for the advancement of its action. The Bronya Trial also celebrates a Dance Dance Dance, the Cone of Light that increases the speed of the action even more. If you have Sparkle, she would also be a great choice for this team, but unfortunately she is not on the test character list.

    With the healing and HP drain that these characters bring, you will activate the Grit phases in a very, very fast. I chose Equivalent Exchange and Struggle Booster for the support functions of phases 2 and 3. To win, you will have to defeat two mini-bosses and then Argenti.

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    Day 3: Supreme Leader

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    For today’s matchup, the Grit multiplier is: When the first-placed ally in the team build successfully uses their Ultimate, you gain a large amount of Grit. I used the test equipment Argenti, Huohuo, Sparkle and Tingyunusing the girls to boost Argenti. Make sure Argenti positions himself on the far left firstmaking him push the Grit meter with his Ult as quickly as possible.

    You can also use Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae, but I like Argenti’s two-stage Ultimate. You only need 90 energy to activate Argenti’s first Ultimate, and that cheap Ultimate will raise your Grit to 200 very quickly. But in Phase 4, you’ll want to use Argenti’s second-tier Ultimate as often as possible..

    Houhou is necessary here because Kafka can mind control Argenti and ruin your run, but Houhou will clean him up at the start of his turn, saving you tons of time. For the phase 2 choice, I chose Everyone’s Respect, although you can choose Shared Hate; It seemed like Respect From All was less likely to be overly energizing. I chose Determined Attack for Phase 3 to boost the test characters’ stats a bit more.

    Day 4: Assault on weakness

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    Today’s topic is destroying the enemies. If you break an enemy’s weakness or hit an enemy with Broken Weakness, you will increase your Grit meter very quickly. You will have to defeat an ice monster called Ice Out In Space, an evil ape and Bronya. All of these are weak to both Fire and Quantum, making the test silver wolf and Xueyi Good options for this challenge.

    I also added Ruan Mei to the team for buffing my allies and improving weakness removal, and you’ll also want any healing units; the test healer is Lynx, which works pretty well in this situation, but if you have a Houhou, Luocha, or anyone with a cleanse that isn’t tied to their ultimate, they would be better. For Phase 2, I chose Expose Weakness to help defeat the small enemy and help take down the boss afterwards. For Phase 3, I chose Shatter Shield to help deal additional damage, but either can work. The pursuer is going to be more consistent.

    For more information on Honkai Star Rail, check out the current Honkai Star Rail poster schedule at Pro Gaming Guides.

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