Project Zombie – How to survive the first week.



    This is a guide that talks about how to survive a week after the apocalypse.

    Place of origin

    You have spawned in your first base now what? Crouch (press C), seriously keeps crouching noise to a minimum and you don’t want unnecessary attention.

    The first thing to do is to at least close the existing curtains, if not it should be on your priority list to arrange some sheets to cover the windows. If you don’t have curtains. Turn off the lights helps

    Now you want to walk around your spawn house and check the cupboards, bookcases, any tools, clothes, food and drink and Reorganize everything.

    For example: food/water in the fridge, clothes in cupboards, tools/weapons on the floor or in a cabinet is easy to keep things in one place.

    In terms of food, try Eat perishables first.Don’t worry too much about food as you will find it in every house you visit during your looting. If it’s not dark yet, check a few houses around to see if you can find a wristwatch or better yet a weapon.

    Scan the neighborhood.

    What should I look for in the neighborhood? Your basic set of tools.

    A hammer, a screwdriver, nails, a saw, a water bottle, some food, any kind of bag, a gas can and a weapon.

    Note: A club hammer can’t drive nails so another hammer will do, if you can’t find a water bottle use a saucepan/mug instead, haven’t found the bag yet? Even a garbage bag is better and ultimately gas is not a priority but if you can find it, it’s better.

    Pro tip: Avoid storing everything you see so there will be more time later to only worry about the essentials haha.

    A working vehicle

    Don’t mind checking out parked cars while you’re looking for tools in the neighborhood, what to look for?

    Mainly the keys, gas and condition of the vehicle.

    There are some places where keys break out, Very close to the car on the floor Or already Plug in the ignition Or maybe The house where the car is parked. Or maybe it is At a nearby Z. Got a car that looks decent but no gas? No problem check the vehicle further for gas and siphon it when you find some. Trust me, getting gas out of the car is way better than going to the gas station.

    It’s possible that the car you find may not be in the best condition, but we really don’t have many options. Try taking a car along. At least 50% engine condition if possible.

    Note: Empty bottles can now also be used to get fuel out of cars so don’t worry if you can’t find any gas cans.

    Once you’ve found a vehicle, it’s time to fuel it up and load it up if you plan to go elsewhere on the map.

    Note: If you haven’t used cars much in the game, they are basically glass cannons. Can be fatal if you are not careful enough. Basically Avoid hitting trees/Z’s/car wrecks. Avoid speeding if possible. Stopping the engine in the middle of a group is the last thing you want. Check the cruise control.

    PZ map will be of great help in planning your routes, checking the map once in a while. Be familiar with your routes and buildings..

    A tip before we jump in The helicopter incidentBasically it could be any day from 6-9 but it’s not really a mystery. If a helicopter incident is scheduled to occur on a given day, the information is conveyed through a weather broadcast. “Air Activity” Find out where to get the weather forecast now? Basically check every radio in the game that you find even in cars and find the channels available on it. it should be”Emergency Broadcast System“, once you find it. Note the frequency. If you know the frequency you can listen to the same channel on another radio, it just has to tune to that frequency and it’s not the same every play through. It remains the same for the current world, so it’s worth noting that it not only gives you information on helicopter events, but it also gives hourly daily weather reports that your (Could it be useful to plan a raid during a foggy day?)

    Now comes every new player’s nightmare.

    Helicopter event

    what’s this? It’s basically a helicopter that flies over your head. Between days 6-9and draws attention to your location which can be fatal if handled.

    How to deal with it? Well you have two options either when you hear helicopters don’t leave your base and pray to lord it doesn’t bring more dead near your base.


    This is what I like to do, load up my car with a few books for a day’s meals and some water or if I’m planning on going to a Duff Base, basically what I’ve collected so far. Load up, now as soon as I hear the helicopter sounds, I drive my car to a more secluded place on the map. A Z will appear hidden around.

    My personal favorite is: Crossway roads between Muldraugh and Rosewood.that’s where I also train my mechanics and metalworking skills because there are a lot of wrecks with cars.


    Some legendaries just use the helicopter to get the Zeds away from their city/base but I don’t recommend it to you.

    Now you just have to wait until it finishes Congratulations you’ve made it a week.

    Now the sky’s the limit for what you can do, want to move to a new base? Or go back to the current one? Or maybe live on the road like a true nomad. Good luck with your journey.

    A week later is the normal goal Plan for water and power outages that can last from 0-30 days.

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