How to get flowers planted in Merge Mansion



    A mansion full of secrets is nothing if the secrets are not buried under a bouquet of flowers. Getting flowers planted in the Merge Mansion takes a bit of work but, like yarn, you’ll need them if you want to beat some of the outer levels in this casual merge game.

    Get flowers planted in Merge Mansion

    Before you can get planted flowers, you must get a planted bush. The planted bushes are grown from bush seedswhich can be purchased from the in-game store or obtained from brown chests that are scattered throughout the game.

    Combine the Bush seeds to get a seedling. Two seedlings result in a small bush. Combine the small bush into a level one bush before finally getting a level two bush. Once you have a level two shrub, you are ready to start working on planting flowers.

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    Level two bushes have a 92% chance to drop flower seeds planted. Combine two planted flower seeds to get planted flower seedlings. Combine the seedlings for a level one planted flower bud, and then combine the seedlings for a level two planted flower bud.

    Once you have a level two planted flower bud, you are finally ready to get planted flowers. Simply combine two level two planted flower buds and you have the planted flowers of your dreams.

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