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    A common strategy to spam in Pokémon GO is to use Rock and Ground coverage. Anybody who has used Galarian Stunfisk understands this, but a Pokémon that works very similarly to that is Excadrill. After all, Excadrill has the Steel and Ground typing, strong Rock and Ground moves, and decent enough bulk to where it can live a few extra hits than expected. This is a really easy moveset to throw on Excadrill and see results immediately.

    Which moves should Excadrill use in Pokémon GO?

    • Mud Shot
    • Rock Slide
    • Drill Run

    Just like every other option in Pokémon GO, Excadrill is going to want to use the fast move that will generate the most energy. In this case, the answer is Mud Shot. Metal Claw could be used as an alternative, but Steel-type coverage simply isn’t as valuable.

    Whereas Ground hits many types of Pokémon for super effective or neutral damage, Steel really only hits Fairies. As it turns out, Excadrill has other ways of hitting Fairies like Togekiss and Tapu Koko, so most trailer simply ignore Steel-type coverage.

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    Part of the reason why Excadrill is such a coveted Ground-type is because it gets to use Drill Run instead of Earthquake. Although Earthquake usually picks up easy KO’s, Drill Run requires much less energy to use. That being said, that’s still an 80 base power move coming from a Pokémon with 255 Attack. Drill Run will certainly do enough damage.

    Excadrill also greatly benefits from Rock-type coverage since it allows the Pokémon to hit Flying-types. Rock Slide is a perfect option for this since it hits hard with a low energy cost. When combined with Drill Run, Excadrill puts on a lot of shield pressure. After a couple seconds, that opponent won’t know if either Drill Run or Rock Slide is ready to use, and that can be very scary. I also see plenty of Flying-types in Ultra and Master League (like Zapdos, Togekiss, Dragonite, etc.), all of which get blown up by Rock Slide.

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