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    Ritual spells are unique from their standard counterparts in Baldur’s Gate 3. They do not cost a spell slot to cast and, for the most part, cannot damage enemies. Instead, they offer new ways to interact with the world and its inhabitants…living or dead. Here are all the ritual spells you can use in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Every Ritual Spell in Baldur’s Gate 3

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    Every ritual spell in Baldur’s Gate 3 is marked by a green, star-like shape in your spellbook and hotbar. This takes the place of the spell slot cost. Some ritual spells are single-use, while others remain in effect until your next long rest. Here’s a full list of all the ritual spells in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Detect Thoughts

    A level two Divination spell that reveals an NPC’s thoughts while speaking to them. If you can cast Detect Thoughts, you’ll see it among your dialogue options during conversations. It’s especially useful for discovering lies, secrets, or other hidden information being kept from you.

    Disguise Self

    A level one Illusion spell that allows the caster to change their race and gender, completely altering their appearance. Disguise Self is handy for bypassing suspicious NPCs or unlocking race-specific options while exploring. The disguise lasts until your next long rest.

    Enhance Leap (Jump)

    As the name suggests, this level one Transmutation spell triples the target’s jump distance. Jumping has a variety of uses, from reaching distant platforms to closing in on enemies in combat. This effect lasts for ten turns.

    Feather Fall

    Feather Fall is a level one Transmutation spell that rends the caster and any nearby allies temporarily immune to fall damage. I most often use Feather Fall when I have the high ground on my enemies; I can send a melee character like Lae’zel flying toward enemies without suffering the penalty to her HP. It’s also useful for dropping down onto lower platforms while exploring.

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    Find Familiar

    A level one Conjuration spell that summons a familiar of your choice to your side. These familiars can be used in and out of combat; they can damage enemies or sneak through small gaps in walls. Find Familiar is unique among ritual spells, as you don’t need to be a spellcaster to acquire it. If you tame Scratch in Act One, you can use it to summon him. Here are all the familiars and their abilities in Baldur’s Gate 3:

    • Cat
      • Unarmed Strike (-4+1 Bludgeoning damage)
      • Meow (gains the attention of nearby enemies and draws them)
      • Crouch
      • Dash
      • Jump
    • Crab
      • Crippling Pinch (2d4+0 Slashing damage; inflicts 1d4 Bleeding for 3 turns)
      • Hide
      • Dash
    • Frog
      • Bufotoxin (1d4 Acid damage; has a chance to debuff Dexterity saving throws)
      • Hide
      • Dash
      • Frog Jump (18m jump)
    • Imp
      • Sting (1d4+3 Piercing damage; has a chance to deal an additional 1d6 Poison damage)
      • Invisibility
      • Claws (1d4 Slashing damage)
    • Quasit
      • Claws (1d4 Slashing damage)
      • Scare (has a chance to Frighten the target)
      • Invisibility
    • Rat
      • Infectious Bite (One damage; applies Infected, which lowers Constitution saving throws)
      • Hide
      • Dash
      • Hop (4.5m jump)
    • Raven
      • Rend Vision (One damage; applies Blindness)
      • Hide
      • Dash
      • Fly (18m)
    • Scratch
      • Bite (1d6+2 Piercing damage)
      • Hide
      • Dash
      • Jump
      • Disengage
      • Help
    • Spider
      • Venomous Bite (One damage; has a chance to deal 1d4 Poison damage)

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    A level one Transmutation spell that increases the target’s movement speed by three meters. Though this can be useful in combat, I’ve never found much reason to use it instead of Enhance Leap, which serves a similar purpose. However, Longstrider lasts until your next long rest, making for a more long-lasting buff in comparison.


    The bane of all spellcasters, Silence is a level two Illusion ritual spell that creates a six-meter sphere wherever you place it. Anyone inside the sphere is Silenced, meaning they cannot cast any spells themselves. While this can be disruptive in combat, leaving the sphere will immediately remove the Silenced effect.

    Speak With Animals

    A level one Divination spell that allows the caster to understand and verbally communicate with animals. This is easily my favorite spell in Baldur’s Gate 3; all animal NPCs have fully-voiced dialogue and can offer unique insight that you can’t get from humanoid characters. The interactions range from humorous to heartfelt and everything in between.

    Speak With Dead

    Speak With Dead is a level three Necromancy spell that temporarily resurrects a targeted corpse. This corpse will answer five questions before returning to its normal state. There are some stipulations: the corpse must have a mouth and cannot be an undead.

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