PlayStation VR 2: Six new games have been announced, including the first PS2 game



    PlayStation VR 2 news: Six new games are announced, from the first Xbox One game to the first Xbox 360!

    Published at the 12/15/2022 at 6:50.

    The PlayStation Blog announced six games for the PlayStation VR 2, including the name we already know: Fantavision!

    A new PlayStation Blog post will be for fans who want to buy a PS VR 2 at launch. Six new titles will be announced!

    In support of PS VR, five games are set for the release of a second new Xbox 360 game.

    The common point for the six games offered in PS VR is that they all were developed by Japanese studios. Five of them have already set a launch date, which corresponds to the headphone launch, February 22. There are a lot of different experiences, with shooting games in multiplayer, rhythm games of the puzzle and investigations of action games. Below are the list of announced games and what we have about them so far.

    Fantavision 202X

    The first game of the PlayStation 2 launch line-up was the mix of puzzle-game and rhythm game: Fantavision. If the games have success than its success or gameplay, fans will be glad to hear that a brand new version that’s just announced under the title 202X is in the works. The study of Cosmomachia modernized the game while still keeping faithful to the basic concept: Catch fireworks and shoot them into the sky. The effects are different depending on the color of the fire catches. A game between art, action, shooting, strategy, puzzles We promise to experience the immersion with the helmet, but with its dedicated controllers.

    This is a VR meeting in March 22.

    Altair Breaker

    There is multiplayer action game that developed by Thirdverse, where you will take part in sword fights. Altair is a universe created by artificial intelligence – otherwise once magnificent, but just on the edge of collapse. You’ll have to fight the battle against an AI, on top of the ruins, and are fighting robots. chain them air battles and area attacksuse your special abilitiesparry with your shield and strike with your swordand play together too! Indeed, the “Shorteners”, built to be carried out in cooperation with three other players. Your team strategy, your equipment performance (the better), and time for strikes and parries will be decisive.

    The DVD is available on this PC, February 22, 2023, and is already available on PS VR.

    The story of Onogro is a great tale.

    The creator of Last Labyrinth, Amata KKrespent back with the VR VR 2.0 experience. It’s going to be a cooperative adventure called The Tale of Onogro. In this world you are in a mysterious parallel world, onogro. He gets back to Hal, a young girl living in a shrine. However, the island is also populated by deadly giants, the Kami, who spawned this chaos by the mastermind Arakida Masatake. To stop it, you can solve puzzles. In case of concern, it’s really about cooperation, a teaming is necessary. In fact, there must be some puzzles to solve by Hal, others by you. You share your health with Hal! Protect him in any way that you want to.

    Then coming to PS VR 2 February 22, 2023.

    Kizuna AI beat the beat.

    Kizuna AI is a rhythm game created by Gemdrops and planned for the PlayStation VR 2 but also for the PS VR, PS4 and PS5 as well. A motion of the PS VR 2 Sense controller ascended to the Japanese stage to sing and play games. In reality, Kizuna AI is a virtual YouTuber, which means she uses animated avatars to do videos. We’ll get 15 songs and a DVD to expand its catalog, but also her wardrobe, etc.

    Coming to PS VR 2 February 22, 2023.

    Dyschronia: Chronos and other premier;?

    Dyschronia is a VR investigation game developed by MyDearest (Tokyo Chronos, Altdeus: Beyond Chronos). This is a stunning cinematic experience. The story, which we promised to be epic, is coming to the heart of Astrum Close. It is a pyjamie, where the crime rate dropped to 0.001%. Since crime has gone by far all the way, it is still true. Your character is assigned to investigate the murders and other mysteries of the city, such as a clock which hadn’t moved for 12 years, but had just resumed its movement. By these abilities you can remember the existence of a person and infer what really happened, and solve the investigations. You can not only access the traces of the individual, but also wander in their dreams entering a new world.

    Coming to PS VR 2 February 22, 2023.


    Two games of Thirdverse, X8, will be multiplayer. This tactical weapon was invented in three minutes. The classic concept is simple: one team can play and fight against explosives, and the other team can stop them. You must choose a hero and his unique weapon, as well as his three special abilities. For a similar ability, you may require you to act with the controllers as a simple gesture. We’re also told that different modes still unknown.

    This is the only game that hasn’t been announced for the launch of PS VR 2 but X8 has no release date.

    Source: Google

    The PlayStation VR 2 is due out on February 22, 2023.

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